View Full Version : My new Kentucky and mandolin stand

Taylor and Tenor
Nov-09-2008, 4:24pm
Since a few Mandolin Cafe members have posted they wanted to see the instrument and music stand I made for my new Kentucky KM 172 oval sound hole mandolin, I thought I would post it here.

I really like my new mandolin. It was the perfect selection for a beginning mandolin player like myself. But I needed something to hold my new instrument when I went to get a fresh pint at a session and to hold sheet music when learning a new tune at home.

Here is what I came up with using an old drum stand for the base.

Parlor Boyle

Ken Olmstead
Nov-09-2008, 4:56pm
What a cool idea! That is very slick! Those oval Kentucky mandos are seriously nice for the $$. Congrats and happy practicing! :)

Nov-09-2008, 5:23pm
Nice work Parlor; a professional-looking finish! You've given me something to think about there as I have been considering using a photographic tripod to support my Zoom H2 recorder and possibly adding a music stand to that.

Payit Forward
Nov-09-2008, 5:55pm
Nice job. And I'm glad you're enjoying your KM172. I think it is an excellent starter instrument.

Your stand reminds me of this one I built for myself when I purchased my first mandolin. It was a bit tippy, so I added the "mickey mouse" feet soon after.

Jason Kessler
Nov-10-2008, 9:32am
Looks to me like that contraption was designed to hold the pint while the mando's in action.

Taylor and Tenor
Nov-10-2008, 11:05am
Thanks for you reply.

I think the weight of a full pint would cause the stand to tip over and would damage to my new instrument when it hit the floor.

But if I made the hole which holds the mandolin a small circle, it could hold a shot glass of Jameson which is my drink of choice.

Make it a double because when someone says let have a drink, I've never had "a drink" in my life. It always two - one for me and a one for my instrument. In this case, my mandolin.