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Nov-08-2008, 9:10am
JazzMando What's New - We just listed a limited special purchase in the Mandolin Cafe Classifieds (http://www.mandolincafe.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/classifieds.cgi?search_and_display_db_button=on&db_id=31139&query=retrieval) you mandolin hygienists will be interested in, especially if you're attacking the post-summer festival grime on your instruments, now that you're migrating indoors for the new (northern lattitudes) season.

Since summer is behind us, we're shifting our inventory of shirts to a new long-sleeve design (featuring the cover of the new GiJM (http://www.jazzmando.com/gijm_20835bcd.shtml) book!) and clearing out all the short sleeves. We're offering a special bonus free Tee with the purchase of four of the Jupiter Silkweave Cleaning Cloth. Buy four at $5.00 each, we'll throw in a free Large Clark JM T-shirt (Ex-Large available in very short supply). Clean your mandos well, get a free shirt. ($15.00 value!)

About the popular Jupiter Silkweave Cleaning Cloth (http://jazzmando.com/silkweave_cloth.shtml), the Micro Filament is woven ten times finer than the finest silk. Its microscopic pores actually pick up oil from fingers as well as lubricant residue and dust. Like a fine silk cleaning cloth it does so without any abrasion. It protects the most delicate finish including gold, silver and platinum. In fact it is the cloth trusted by owners of rare violins. If you have more than one instrument, multiple mandos, guitars, basses, fiddles, even a silver flute, these are the cat's pajamas for instrument finish hygiene.

The design on the shirts is cool, and even if you already have one, consider buying the cloths for your axes and give the shirt to your significant other so you can admire the pretty Clark JM mandolin graphic from a distance. (Or better, keep it yourself as a spare for next festival season.)

The four cloths, shirts, and domestic shipping are $22.50 total. Check with us (http://jazzmando.com/contact_jazzmando.shtml) before purchase, as we have a very limited supply, and have to cut off the deal when we run out. At this point, available only in mostly in L as of this morning. (Almost out of XL!) Payment taken through Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/), mandohack@aol.com, but let us know first.

http://jazzmando.com/new/archives/images/Shirt_cloth-thumb.jpg (http://www.mandolincafe.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/classifieds.cgi?search_and_display_db_button=on&db_id=31139&query=retrieval)

Read more about the limited commerative shirts here (http://jazzmando.com/cjm_jazzmando_shirt.shtml)

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