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Nov-07-2008, 4:10pm
Greetings All! As a new member, I thought I would introduce myself here and post a few pics of my Collings MT1SB. Acoustic guitar is my first instrument, but I have enjoyed playing the mandolin for quite a few years now. I occasionally would pop onto the Cafe when I had a question or just to poke around a little.

I have recently found myself taking a more serious interest in the mandolin, and figured it was clearly time to join this fantastic forum! From what I have seen to date and the threads I have read, there is a wealth of both good people and information to be found here. Glad to join you, and hope over time I can contribute some value also. (BTW, if you have acoustic guitar questions, don't hesitate to send me a message. I've owned dozens, work on my own-to a point!-, enjoy understanding them, and actually tinker with some restoration work.)

The mandolin I have posted pics of below is Collings MT1SB (#21) from the very first foray by Bill Collings into the mandolin world around 10 years ago. I picked it up used (around the year 2000) when these things were like gold! Finding one, new or used, was almost impossible. I literally stumbled onto this one the day the seller updated their website, and as I was on the phone making the deal, another person called in to buy it! Got is by seconds-literally.

Very nice instrument, fairly loud A, fast neck, action can be set low and still retain great pop without buzz. Everyone who has had a turn with it really likes it. Even though Collings shut down production of these early A's without a lot of them being made (from what I heard this had a lot to do with the very heavy and growing demand at the time for their acoustic guitars) Bill's genius clearly shows through in these fine mandos. And we all know what happened when Collings got around to taking building mandolins seriously, don't we?!

Looking forward to learning lots here and getting to know a bunch of you!







Patrick Sylvest
Nov-07-2008, 4:57pm
Welcome aboard!

That's a sweet lookin' Collings. Great condition too!

Nov-07-2008, 5:09pm
Welcome aboard and nice mando. Its interesting to see the backs of the "old" collings A models. I havent seen too many new ones with that kind of flame. Very Nice

Bill Auld
Nov-07-2008, 5:22pm
Great looking Collings A, Phil. Welcome!

Tripp Johnson
Nov-07-2008, 6:06pm
Sweet mandolin!

Tim Pike
Nov-08-2008, 12:16am
Great looking mando-bet she sounds sweet! Welcome aboard!