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Nov-06-2008, 1:43pm
These are some pictures of my new electric mandolin. I like the design of the old gibsom em-200, but I wanted the details to kind of match my F9 and A9, so this is what I ended up with. It's made by Michael Dolan, Dolan Custom Guitars. It's solid mahogany with ebony fingerboard, peghead overlay and pick guard, and a matte finish. The pickups are EMGs. The arm rest is from King Brown. The last pictures shows it with the rest of my collection.
I think this instrument is the greatest. I don't have a lot of experience with electrics, but I love the sound and long sustain. And the fast action, and the results of using a very light touch.
It was a pleasure working with Michael. He gave me exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier.

Mike Herlihy
Nov-06-2008, 2:11pm
Excellent work, it's a beautiful instrument

Ken Olmstead
Nov-06-2008, 5:16pm
That looks sweet!

Nov-06-2008, 5:50pm

Nov-06-2008, 8:36pm
Wow! That is a BEAUTIFUL instrument! He really captured the "look" of the old Gibsons, while being true to your collection at the same time. That's a really beautiful example of a collaboration between player and luthier. Fantastic! I wish you much joy with your new instrument. (Hey, would that qualify as an "axe"?)



Gail Hester
Nov-06-2008, 8:45pm
Beautiful, congratulations.

Nov-06-2008, 8:49pm
I love it!

Jason Kessler
Nov-07-2008, 9:31am
VERY nice!