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Bret Roberts
Nov-04-2008, 5:53am
Just a bit of a question about the sponsors of this site,

Is it “better” for the Mandolin Café, that members of this site use the direct links to visit the sponsor’s web sites (can they tell where we linked from?) or does it not matter if we just put the links in the favorites and go from there?

I do try to support the businesses that support the Mandolin Café, just wanted to know if this information gets though to them.

Thank you for the Mandolin Café.

Scott Tichenor
Nov-04-2008, 7:08am
I have no preference how people get to sites that support us. Seems more convenient to me that if you really like one of those sites that you'd bookmark it or make a shortcut to it.

Bret Roberts
Nov-04-2008, 7:46am
Thank you for your quick answer and all that you do for us at the Mandolin Cafe!