View Full Version : Time for fall colors, Newell Subtle F model

Keith Newell
Nov-03-2008, 6:24pm
Here is a just completed Subtle F model. Sitka spruce one piece top and Red maple back sides and neck.

Keith Newell

Keith Newell
Nov-03-2008, 6:26pm
Here are some shots of the back.

Nov-03-2008, 7:30pm
That one looks great, Keith! I like the open scroll, and the back. Is this a varnish finish?

I really like my blacktop A-style, #45. It's really opening up, and the tone gets better every time I pick it up. Everyone who sees it and hears it is very impressed.


Nov-03-2008, 7:47pm
Nice work! I noticed that on the face of your mandolins you usually leave off the little rising blocks (I can't think of the name if it has one) on either side of the neck. I'm curious if there's a reason for that other than aesthetics?

Keith Newell
Nov-03-2008, 10:24pm
HEY Joe, good to hear that. Yes it is a varnish finish. I took it to a jam session last night and if anybody is skeptical about a mandolin "opening up" then I can get about 10 confirmations and 4 of them played it.
The pieces you are talking about are called gussets and they serve no structural purpose but make a neck joint/extension much easier to do and to be able to add the 15th or 12Th binding to it.
The only time they could be structural is when the alignment between the neck and tailpiece was way out of whack. I admit to seeing a few instruments that were like that but a good alignment and locking dowels like I use means a cleaner joint area. I have had customers wanting the traditional look and I will do it but I prefer the look I have.
The instrument look I strive for is clean but has definite throwbacks to traditional looks. It's not for everybody but it is for me and I prefer to do this look.
Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate your posting Joe.
Keith Newell

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-04-2008, 3:43am
Oh boy ! - That back would make a Tiger jealous - a very beautiful Mandolin all round,

Skip Kelley
Nov-04-2008, 7:12am
Keith, That mandolin is awesome as all of yours are! Beautiful maple and finish!

Nov-04-2008, 7:24am
Beautiful, Keith. I really like the cleaner joint area, and the aesthetic of your mandolins in general :)


Tim Saxton
Nov-05-2008, 11:30am

Very nice Keith!! Top shelf as normal. Can't wait to get mine back.


Mark Walker
Nov-06-2008, 9:26am
Keith - that's about a 'subtle' as a heart attack! Great work! I LIKE! :grin:

Nov-06-2008, 11:14am
great work Keith!