View Full Version : H5C Mandola

Oct-28-2008, 12:25pm
Here's some shots of my new H5C mandola. Top is West Virgina red spruce and back is very hard red maple. First pix is a size comparison to the F5C.

Oct-28-2008, 12:27pm
A shot of Danny Roberts at IBMA giving it a workout...

Oct-28-2008, 12:28pm
MAS rears it's ugly head again. Great job Hans.

Tom C
Oct-28-2008, 1:48pm
Great 'dola scroll!!!

Mark Seale
Oct-29-2008, 7:48am
Fantastic job Hans. You really captured that tight, fat scroll of the Mandola. Did you use the Siminoff plans?

Oct-29-2008, 7:59am
Looks like a powerhouse! Excellent looking, Hans.


Oct-30-2008, 8:28am
Mark, I mostly used some tracings and measurements I took off an H5, but also have the Siminoff print.

Oct-30-2008, 9:39am
So - Hans - when are you going to show us an octave mandolin? Any in the works?

Oct-30-2008, 11:02am
It's just not fair, Hans; seeding 'DAS in us. That mandola is a knock-out.
What are your views on the relative F-hole sizing on mandolin family instruments? I have always felt that standard Loar-size mandolin F-hole dimensions were slightly over-sized, not only for optimum warmth and bass response, but also in relation to those found on H-5 and L-5 instruments. Conventional logic would lead me towards thinking that the dimensions would at least just stay the same, as opposed to being larger on the smaller of the instruments.

Oct-30-2008, 7:23pm
I just want to say that I had the absolute pleasure of playing that outstanding instrument at IBMA. It is a joy to play, has great tone and looks great. What an awesome instrument. I have a Lebeda oval hole mandola that speaks to a different part of my musical soul. If I had the financial freedom to have both, I would have taken the plunge. That instrument is a player. That was one of two instruments that really stoked my MAS at IBMA. With work being done to my house and still paying off an my lovely Ellis, that MAS will have to wait. But ahhhh, what a fond memory.

Oct-30-2008, 8:07pm
Wowzas! Love the scroll and for so me reason the screws on the Truss Rod Cover really caught my attention. I love them! Keep up the good work and once I get my Masters Degree and that promotion I need I will be giving you a call. Cheers!

Bob Kellett
Oct-30-2008, 8:41pm
Hi Hans, I really love that! I sure miss my 23V! I will have another one!!!

Oct-30-2008, 10:53pm
I also really love it, like all of your work Hans!

Oct-31-2008, 7:18am
Thanks folks! Bob, hope you are doing well. Tony, glad you liked the instrument! Someday I'll build that H2C.
Scott, I believe you hit it with the F5 holes being oversize for bass response. There is plenty of treble on mandolins. Mandolas are big, deep and I think in order to bring out some treble, the holes are smaller. Either that or I need some more ~o)
Wes, don't think I'll be building something that large...I can't imagine carving all that.