View Full Version : Added to the collection...

Oct-27-2008, 1:31am
Here's the new baby with the family...

Left to Right:
2003 Epiphone ES-335 Dot, cherry
2002 Fender Telecaster, 60th anniversary blackout
2006 Schecter Deluxe-5 bass
1998 Fender USA Strat, shoreline gold
2007 Fender FM52E mandolin
2004 Ibanez EW20ZWENT zebrawood acoustic
2007 Gold Tone MM150 Maple Mountain banjo

Oct-27-2008, 1:56pm
Hey Rabid,
Is this your first mando? How does it sound?

Oct-28-2008, 10:30pm
It's my first mandolin. I bought a very cheap one as I just wanted to play around with it. It has surprisingly good tone and playability, and plays well evan above the 12th fret. That's why I bought it over the others I looked at (plus the fact that I had a credit with that particular store). I am definitely planning to ad some mandolin to some of my recording projects, and even have a couple of tunes where I will use it live.

P.S. That's a fine collection you have there, very nice.

Oct-29-2008, 8:19pm
Thanks, RP. I've picked around on a couple of those little Fender A's that sounded amazingly good. Post a sound clip if you don't mind, when you've recorded something with it.