View Full Version : Mandola and Mandocello that I've built

Oct-23-2008, 9:38am
Good morning everyone,

I have posted some videos on YouTube of my Mandola and Mandocello that I've built. I thought you might find them of interest.


All the best,
Martin Delabano

Oct-23-2008, 9:58am
Those look and sound pretty good! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Mandolin Caf.


Woody Turner
Oct-23-2008, 10:03am
Thanks for the Bach pieces. How about some closeup photos?

Rob Powell
Oct-23-2008, 2:44pm
Very nice Martin!

Oct-24-2008, 8:34am
That Shady Grove rocks....nice builds and pickin!

Bernie Daniel
Oct-24-2008, 6:02pm
Hey Martin,

I told you there would be interest in your work in this group!

Good to see you "over here".

Stephanie Reiser
Oct-26-2008, 12:02pm
Nice job on both instruments there!
Love the mandola especially. Looks like you've really nailed the shape of the scroll. Did you use the Siminoff plans? Really nice.
Welcome to the Cafe!

Keith Erickson
Oct-29-2008, 9:22am

Your mandola and mandocello lk and sound beautiful!!!! Very Nice.....

....a toast to Martin ~o)