View Full Version : Silverangel two point

Oct-17-2008, 12:43pm
here's a two point I just strung up today....

Oct-17-2008, 1:58pm
I still haven't had the pleasure of playing one of Ken's mandolins but this one would look real good in my hands.

Skip Kelley
Oct-18-2008, 6:24am
Ken, That is one awesome looking mandolin! Nice wood selection, perfect sunburst and I love your peghead shape! It doesn't get any better!!

Oct-18-2008, 8:43am
Ken -

That is both stunning and inspiring. Really sweet looking. And I bet it sounds even better than it looks.

Jason Kessler
Oct-18-2008, 10:39am
Gorgeous. One of the nicest things I've seen to come out of your shop. Outstanding in every way.

B. T. Walker
Oct-18-2008, 6:22pm
Nice looking. Love those two-points.

Oct-18-2008, 11:27pm
That is a great looking dark burst there, nice work Ken.

Oct-19-2008, 5:00am
Sweet! Is this one for sale or is it already spoken for?

Oct-19-2008, 7:52am
well Jim, it's going to Utah.............

Mark Walker
Oct-19-2008, 9:16am
Wow - that thing looks like it's got some serious mojo!

Great job on the finish - it all looks almost 'liquid.'

I'll have a S.A. 2-point....someday...... :)