View Full Version : Ebay fraud alert: Mister 1300

Oct-16-2008, 8:10am
A new batch of fraudulent-looking listings from a guy who regularly recycles images of vintage Gibson mandos, banjos, etc. and invites buyers to contact his gmail address and 'buy-it-now' for $1300. Always the same MO.

The greedy/ impatient get stung, needless to say. This time he is doing it on an industrial scale, about 170 items, presumably hijacking an ebay seller's identity. Take a look; you may recognise an instrument you bought/ sold recently! He is 'offering' a Gibson Mastertone banjo at this 'bargain' price, for instance: ebay item 260301219449.

I have alerted ebay, as I have done before for this guy. Someone must fall for it.

Careful bidding!