View Full Version : Nice Bluett F4 on Ebay

Gary Hedrick
Oct-14-2008, 6:52pm
No financial interest....nice looking mandolin for a very cheap price of $2.5k......looks like the financial crisis is affecting mandolin prices too

Oct-14-2008, 7:15pm
Link to Auction (http://cgi.ebay.com/Bluett-F-4-Mandolin_W0QQitemZ110298888515QQcmdZViewItem?hash= item110298888515&_trkparms=72%3A1205|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A13 18&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14)

That's a good price for a Bluett Mandolin. That's not the buy it now price either. Someone could get a bargain. Not me though...


Oct-14-2008, 8:29pm
I'd talk to Mark Bluett to find out what a new one would cost before jumping.

Jim Garber
Oct-14-2008, 9:26pm
I know it is not an F4 but Mandolin Brothers has an F5 for cash price of $5400. That should give you some idea.

Oct-14-2008, 9:43pm
His website (http://www.bluettbros-violins.com/pricing.shtml) lists new F4s at $6K


Barb Friedland
Oct-19-2008, 3:42pm
WooHoo! Got it for the opening bid....

Congrats Eddie! Looks like a great deal. Sound clips please.

Oct-19-2008, 3:52pm
That was a Smoking Deal! .. good one Eddie!

Oct-19-2008, 4:35pm
I used to own a Bluett that was virtually the twin to the one on ebay, but for the headstock inlay. It was a fantastic instrument. I think you just got the bargain of the year, hands down!

Oct-19-2008, 5:20pm
I own a Bluett Fiddle. If his mandos are as good, that was quite a steal.

Nov-03-2008, 3:42am
WooHoo! Got it for the opening bid....

Hmm...for sale in the classifieds already, for $1K more than the auction price. I guess he didn't like it.

Nov-03-2008, 10:04am
As he has two mandolins and a mandola for sale right now I'd say that either he needs money for another mandolin or something else is going on.

Nov-03-2008, 11:59am
Let's try not to infer too much about Eddie's motivations here. Some people buy and sell a lot of mandolins, period. I have more than 3 instruments on the block at the moment, and it doesn't mean anything is "going on."

Tom C
Nov-03-2008, 12:03pm
It could be a way to make a quick $1000. Nothing wrong with that. There is alway a risk in that it may have had a flaw to prevent him from getting that extra $1000 and he would have to go through hassle of selling it to break even. Maybe he never played one and figured it was just worth the shot to see if he'd keep it. there are 100 other reasons. He's motivated.

Nov-03-2008, 12:37pm
Interestingly, our forum guidelines preclude Eddie from discussing the motivations here. I would suggest if you're interested in the instrument to reply to the ad. If you're just curious about the why's and wherefore's, it may be best to just let them go.


Gary Hedrick
Nov-03-2008, 12:39pm
So what if it's for sale again.......it is a free market and let the free market determine what is to become of it.

We all buy and sell ....sometimes soon....sometimes later.....

Jonathan Peck
Nov-03-2008, 1:11pm
So, we all talk about all this mando nonsense day in and day out.....someone puts his mando knowledge to work a spots a good deal, and you all want to kick him for it. Sheeesh. What a bunch of:crying:

Nov-03-2008, 2:15pm
I only see one kick up there :)

Look, if you buy low and sell high that's the way it's supposed to be done. If buying and selling a mandolin in the same year/week/month means anything then it must mean a whole lot to most of the folks on the cafe. Around here that's considered normal behavior.

I'm guessing he has MAS and has his eye on another mandolin. I had a Kalamazoo KM-11 that I swore I'd never sell until I found the Flatiron A I bought a few years ago and then the KM-11 found another home with a cafe member.

Some people hold onto mandolins and some people cycle through them. I'm guessing he's cycling.

Jonathan Peck
Nov-03-2008, 2:26pm
I only see one kick up there :)

Oh, never mind then:grin:

Nov-03-2008, 2:59pm
I just admire someone with the strength of character to part with an instrument. Here I sit surrounded by six dozen stringed and reed instruments, wondering what to buy next. I must be running an instruments' Hotel California.

Nov-03-2008, 3:37pm
...I must be running an instruments' Hotel California.

Such a lovely place....

Nov-03-2008, 7:36pm
Actually I have 6 listings....

OK then, I didn't search for them all. I had run into the three.