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Jul-13-2004, 11:40am
Does anybody have or know where I could get the mandolin tab/chords for Andy Irvine's version of "Arthur McBride"? I can't find it ANYWHERE...it's all Paul Brady's version...


Jul-13-2004, 12:57pm
Kate, I know it but I'm too lazy and incompetent to have tabbed it, however I salute your judgement on what to me is the better, even if more "obvious" version. That is if you are talking about the version which Andy sang on the first Planxty album?
BTW have you heard Bob Dylan's version?

Jul-13-2004, 2:04pm
Yep, I definitely prefer the "Planxty" version to Paul Brady's, though I do appreciate the amazing guitar work Brady does on his. #I haven't heard Bob Dylan's version. I just discovered this song yesterday!


Jul-14-2004, 1:55am
I don't have the energy to write out tabs or chords, but I've found lots of versions online. Just try google.

Jul-14-2004, 7:17am
I did try google, but all I got was Paul Brady's version. I'm looking for Andy Irvine's version.

Jul-14-2004, 3:09pm
I must confess to being ignorant of Paul Brady's version, however there is a solo version in MP3 on Andy Irvine's website which you can download. The sung melody is much like the Planxty version, but the rhythm and playing (mando-bouzouki or somesuch) is very different. Andy even admits to being influenced by Paul Brady's version after he heard it. I still prefer the Planxty "Black album" version!

Jul-14-2004, 5:57pm
I think I have the MP3 you're talking about, Bren. I still don't like Paul Brady's version as much; I prefer the tune Andy uses, and I like the his voice better. I bought "Planxty." It's waiting for me at home and has been for two weeks, but I've been dogsitting in a different city. I just wish I could find the tab!


Martin Jonas
Jul-16-2004, 12:28pm
You can find the basic tune here (http://sniff.numachi.com/~rickheit/dtrad/pages/tiARTMCBRD;ttARTMCBRD.html), which is neither Brady's nor Irvine's version but plays nicely on mandolin.

I like Planxty's version as well, but have to speak up for Brady's, which is really quite astonishing. There was some mention above of Dylan's version, which really is a straight rip-off of Brady's with somewhat simplified guitar. Most of Dylan's versions on that album are copied from (or "inspired by") other people: "Canadee-I-O" is straight from Nic Jones's version and "Jim Jones" is from John Kirkpatrick's.


Jul-16-2004, 1:04pm
I don't have a method of tabbing it for you, but when you get the Planxty album, I found the bouzoki line throughout to be pretty starightforward to transfer to mandolin by ear.

Jul-16-2004, 5:41pm
I do think Brady's version is impressive instrumentally, but I don't like his tune. Maybe I was spoiled by hearing Irvine's first. Thanks for the link!


Jul-16-2004, 9:44pm
Hi Kate,

There is an Andy Irvine's version of Arthur Mc Bride in his song book 'Aiming for the Heart' It was released a few years back and It can still be got hold of at Heupfred music. ( I think )

I haven't gotten round to doing this one on my Andy Irvine Website (http://www.chinatogalway.com/) Will try to give it a go soon ! Let me know if you do come across it first, Good luck !