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Oct-12-2008, 10:11pm
I have had the pleasure of playing a few mandolins built by jason harshbarger the most recent being the copperhead. these are his F-5 mandolins. I have been playing this mandolin for a few months and am going to try to post some pictures of it. These instruments are stunning I have played them next to gibsons, gilchrists, collings, heiden and others. It was better than most and as good as the heiden or gil.
there has been a few threads on these mandos but i hope to finally post some pics. this is his distressed model. if you want an amazing mandolin talk to jason www.highlandstrings.com

Oct-14-2008, 9:21am
cool binding on the back of that heel! Never heard or seen one tho.

Payit Forward
Oct-14-2008, 6:19pm
I find the distressing on that one to be...quite distressing! It's so over the top that one would think that it really is a vintage instrument that has been thrashed - Who would expect the luthier did that to it? (The ashton-bailey tailpiece doesn't quite fit the picture though)

The Mandolin Store promotes these as being GREAT. Sounds pretty good in their soundclip.

Oct-14-2008, 9:42pm
I realy like the heel cap it's a very cool touch tha he does on his mandos. the distressing is very distressed. it's the only one he did like this and I don't think he will do it again unless asked to. I have added to the distressing just from natural play wear as well, but i think he was going for that over the top look, I used to play an 83 taggart that looked just as beat up.:mandosmiley:
dennis ,at the mandolin store, is not exagerating about jason's work. they're great instruments

gibson mandoman
Oct-15-2008, 1:29am
Yes sir, Dennis Vance is a first class guy, and probably one of the most honest, if not the most honest guys I have ever bought a mandolin from, and believe me I have bought a lot of mandolins over the years! I just bought a new mandolin from him about a month ago. I will not buy another new mandolin from anyone else. Those Copperhead mandolins do look good and sound good. NFI.

Oct-17-2008, 8:58pm
wow,,thats a super looking distressing,,looks real,,as it should!

Randy King
Oct-18-2008, 5:24pm
Hey Dizz, Nice Mando!!! Not only does it Look Awesome, It really sounds GREAT!!!

Oct-21-2008, 8:51pm
thanks randy, i couldnt be happier with it. your strap sure looks good on it