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Patrick Gunning
Oct-11-2008, 8:44pm
I just wanted to share with you my brand new custom Arrow octave mandolin. I've had Paul Lestock's prototype octave on loan for a while, and have loved it. Some of you may have seen me playing it at Wintergrass or the Symposium. This one sets a new standard.

Specs: 22 1/4" scale, red spruce top.

I'm loving it!

Patrick Gunning
Oct-11-2008, 8:48pm

Alex of the North
Oct-11-2008, 9:09pm
I'm generally not too susceptible to mandolin envy, and I've never once considered owning an OM. But somehow I can imagine being very happy playing that instrument. If you could post a video of this thing being played, I'd be very appreciative!

Dan Voight
Oct-11-2008, 9:12pm
Lookin great pat. Love that maple.

Oct-11-2008, 9:53pm
Wow. that's got a serious cool vibe. Congrats to you and Paul on the excellent build.


Oct-11-2008, 10:43pm
Looks good, Patrick.

I've got a new Arrow tenor guitar from the same batch as your octave...I played Paul's prototype tenor all week at the mandolin symposium this past year and just couldn't resist having one permanently. Tuned GDAE, it's basically the single course version of your octave, but with a humbucker attached to the pickguard!

I've hardly put it down all day. I'll get some pictures of it up soon.


Frank Silver
Oct-11-2008, 10:46pm
Really stunning, good show all involved.

Oct-11-2008, 11:08pm
gosh darn it. thats one of the cleanest instruments ive seen in a seriously long time....

Rob Powell
Oct-12-2008, 12:14am
Gorgeous...I've always been a fan of Paul's work....what I'd like (but probably couldn't afford even if he would build it) is a mandocello version of this:

Patrick Gunning
Oct-12-2008, 2:59am

For Alex, who wanted to see it played. Forgive the sound quality, this is just the internal mic and camera on my Mac laptop.

This is a somewhat mangled improv arrangement of the first song I ever heard played on octave mandolin, from Tim O'brien's album "Real Time."

Oct-12-2008, 6:23am
Thanks for the video ! What a georgous instrument....

I borrowed Paul's new prototype Mandocello/Octave (5 string courses tuned CGDAE) at the summers Symposium and ended up falling in love and buying it. I've been having a great time with it. The tone, intonation (fanned frets) and playability are suberb.

It has a similar guitar shape as Pat's Octave but with a cutaway shoulder & F-holes.

Oct-12-2008, 11:24am
Thanks Patrick for posting and for the fantastic youtube video. Your new octave looks and sounds great. I'm lucky enough to own a Mowry octave and it's super-fine. Now if I could just sound like you!

another WA state picker,
Mr. Jan Lautzenheiser

Oct-12-2008, 3:18pm
Wow, thanks for that video. Neat instrument!

Oct-13-2008, 10:27am
Great video! and nice sounding mando.

Ed Rosney
Oct-13-2008, 12:18pm
Thanks for sharing Patrick, a beautiful instrument and you play it very well.

Oct-13-2008, 12:31pm
It looks great Patrick- Enjoy it in good Health!

steve V. johnson
Oct-13-2008, 2:52pm
Great playing (on a terrific song, too!), Patrick! Thanks!

Congratulations on one very noble instrument and huge kudos to Paul, too.


Oct-13-2008, 3:35pm
Oh, yeah!

Nov-15-2008, 12:25pm
I had the chance to meet Pauls brother last night in Cleveland and after a conversation regarding Bluegrass and my uncle Pete Goble i was able to hold # 046 in my hands.I will say that i was very impressed with the quality and the GREAT sound.Oh by the way Paul your brother said that i could pick your brain if needed...lol.And yes it barked like a true fine quality mandolin should,great job Paul!!