View Full Version : Am I missing something?

Pete Martin
Oct-09-2008, 2:57pm
Before the change of format on the message board, when I would log on, only new threads or old threads with new messages would be highlighted.

Since the change, a lot of old threads, many without new posts are highlighted as well. Is there something I need to do to have the old highlighted way back, or is this a change for everyone?

Thanks, the new pages look great!

Oct-09-2008, 3:22pm
You need to mark all forums read, and it will reset and only show you new messages from then on. You do this via the quick links in the taskbar above.

Oct-09-2008, 3:24pm
You have to reset yourself to get to a more normal view of the cafe. Under Quick Links you'll see a setting that says Mark All Forums Read. That will do just about what you'd expect it to, it will mark every message on the board as read. The next time you come back in all you will see when you click on New Posts is the unread messages and any message that was updated that you have not read. If you want to see what has been posted today simply go to Quick Links and select Today's Posts. You'll get a list from the last message posted to the earliest message posted.

The software doesn't work quite like the old forum software so you have to find what is comfortable for you.