View Full Version : Hilburn #48

Jim Hilburn
Oct-09-2008, 8:35am
Here's a new one.

Oct-09-2008, 8:45am
Absolutely gorgeous! Great work!

Mark Walker
Oct-09-2008, 8:59am
Sweet! Love that quilt!

Bill Auld
Oct-09-2008, 9:04am
Beautiful work, Jim. Love the maple, binding and inlay. How does it sound?

Jim Roberts
Oct-09-2008, 9:28am
Stellar craftsmanship, Jim. Will you tell us what wood you used?

(Sorry I missed you and Pat at Windshield (Winfield) this year...)

Oct-09-2008, 9:37am
Beautiful work once again, Jim. That headstock is superb. Very clean and the abbreviated pickguard looks great. Yowza!


Skip Kelley
Oct-09-2008, 10:05am
Jim, That mandolin is incredible! I love blondes!!! The inlay is awesome as well!! Nice work in every way!!

John Ritchhart
Oct-09-2008, 10:45am
:disbelief: Wow. My eyes hurt. That's just... art. Do you have a sound clip Jim?

Austin Clark
Oct-09-2008, 11:32am
Beautiful inlay work, Jim!

Oct-09-2008, 3:48pm
Jim, Another outstanding looking instrument. Great taste.

Oct-09-2008, 4:24pm
Very nice mandolin !
But, where's the Chair ??

Lane Pryce
Oct-10-2008, 9:11am
Very nice. Was it number 13 that had the little blue flowers on the peg head? That mandolin is one of the best looking A's I have ever seen. Sure would like to hear a few sound bites. Best Lp

Stanley Cox
Oct-10-2008, 9:22am
Mighty fine work indeed Jim. ~o)


Oct-10-2008, 10:09am
Uhm.......WOW!!I'm jealous. GREAT WORK