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Walter Newton
Oct-08-2008, 9:26pm
I am happy to have acquired a full set of Fretboard Journal magazines and enjoy them a great deal, but I'm thinking I'd be crazy not to sell my out-of-print issues with the prices they're going for - here are results from 3 auctions which ended yesterday...


Oct-08-2008, 9:29pm
Well, I know where mine are going.... holy cow.

Oct-10-2008, 7:36am
this is the crazy - i have those issues - what in the world is in there to make people pay $200 an issue??? off to ebay!
i guess now that people cant buy high buck mandolins and guitars, they are now collecting magazines.
i like the FJ, but its not like the articles have anything new for most long time players - the glossy photos are great - heck, i sold about 45 issues of FRETS magazine, which was A LOT better material, about a year ago for $40.00

Larry S Sherman
Oct-10-2008, 7:56am
I have a complete collection...and although I would not like to break it up that's some serious cash for magazines.


Oct-10-2008, 8:03am
Even knowing the value of the issue #1 and #2 I gave them to a friend who values them for what they are and who collects for his own pleasure.

Oct-10-2008, 10:04am
I was given a copy of #1, which I read and enjoyed. After that, I gave it to an outstanding Portland poster artist, Gary Houston (see www.voodoocatbox.com (http://www.voodoocatbox.com), nfi) and he used the Grisman pictures as the starting point for a DGQ poster: http://www.voodoocatbox.com/big_html/bightml6/grisman01.html. The magazine's gone, but a signed copy of the poster is on my wall, so I feel alright about that, even knowing that the magazine is worth $300!


Michael Gowell
Oct-10-2008, 5:16pm
If several copies of early issues became available for auction I'd bet the price would drop.

jim simpson
Oct-12-2008, 2:22pm
It looks like Ebay has a couple of issues with no bids - maybe priced too high? I guess I'll hold on to my couple of issues.

Oct-13-2008, 2:03pm
woo hoo...i am looking forward to them going even higher! then i'll be able to afford that DMM for sure! :-)

M Hollen
Oct-16-2008, 3:40pm
Looks like they're going in the fire safe. :)

Oct-16-2008, 3:58pm
holy cow!!! i had no idea... im defintely missing several issues, but i at least have that first one, haha. and my issue with the dawg on the cover came with a cd. did anyone elses come with that cd?

Oct-16-2008, 4:42pm
OK, here's the scoop. Number 3 sold for over a hundred but the highest bid I got on mine was 63.00 and nobody bit on the 100.00 Buy It Now. It's not what it appears to be. I have it back on with a lower start price, a lower reserve and a lower Buy It Now. I'm assuming the ones that sold for the higher amounts went to people that really wanted them.

Oct-16-2008, 6:42pm
Hi Mike & the gang,

Jason from the Fretboard Journal here...

There's no rhyme or reason why one week the first Fretboard Journal sells for 100 dollars and then one week it sells for 300 dollars. Apparently someone just wanted to fill out their collection in a hurry. Same goes for #2 and #3 but to a lesser extent. Just the way eBay works.

I don't make a dime off of these back channel sales, but they're flattering nonetheless. We put a lot of energy (and money) into making each issue as high-quality as possible and it's nice to know that folks are valuing that.

I guess my point is, if you're done reading them and aren't a collector, sell away (or pass along to friends). But don't expect the value of it on eBay to stabilize (up or down) ... there's no price guide yet for 3 year old out-of-print magazines. It's all dependent on who wants to fill in a slot on their bookshelf on any given day.

Now back to churning out more magazines...

Jason Verlinde

Walter Newton
Oct-16-2008, 7:08pm
As the original poster I certainly didn't intend to imply these sorts of ebay prices were somehow set in stone; of course they are subject to the basic law of supply and demand and perhaps the whims of well-heeled instrument collectors.

I'm hanging onto my copies, I enjoy them so much - Thanks Jason for the great publication!

Oct-17-2008, 1:37pm
Number 3 just sold for $75.00 on a Buy It Now. Hey, that's $70.00 bucks or so of my Waverly tuners.

Peter LaMorte
Oct-18-2008, 11:49am
I go back and re-read a lot of articles, they're that good. Keep up the good work. FJ is an excellent publication
Peter LaMorte

M Hollen
Oct-19-2008, 2:24pm
I secont Peter. I go back and re-read as well. By far the best music periodical out there.

Andrew DeMarco
Oct-19-2008, 3:26pm
How do I got a copy of the Thile-Grisman interview transcript, or a copy of that journal? I went to Borders but they had just gotten the new issue (this Fall one) in and sent the other one back...

Ken Olmstead
Oct-21-2008, 10:32am
I sold mine in the cafe ads for $150 for #1 and $50 for #2. I feel I made enough return off of my original investment and my cafe friends got a "bargin!" The best part...I did not have to dink with eBay (Thank's Scott!) :grin: The cash helped to fund my new KM1000. I photo copied the Grisman article and the Statman article for future reference. Thanks FBJ! You now you may reprint those issues! :))