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Oct-08-2008, 9:47am
WHERE DO YOU GET FREE CORD CHARTS for tenor guitar for differant tunings

Oct-08-2008, 2:22pm
A) spelling : it's Chord,
[a cord a small rope],

and have you looked at the LINKS on the front/home page?
there is an online engine that you can change parameters
and it recalculates and offers a picture, such as this:

seek Tenor/jazz Banjo sites, .. and you can use mandolin chord shapes and change their names.
In a Chords and tunings book I bought a Looong time ago they printed it like that .

C/F, D/G, E/A, F/Bb. etc.

Oct-08-2008, 4:50pm
[a cord a small rope],
Or the cable between your emando and amp. :mandosmiley: