View Full Version : a new litter - F5s and 2pts

Austin Clark
Oct-05-2008, 10:57am
Well, this is some of the new litter anyway....
Bill already posted pictures of another F5 from this batch a couple days ago.
Hope ya like 'em!

Austin Clark
Oct-05-2008, 11:00am
here are a couple of shots I missed...
Sorry I didn't get as good of pictures this time.

Austin Clark
Oct-05-2008, 11:02am
oops, one last one

Oct-05-2008, 11:36am
great looking work Austin... just superb! curious... what's the story with that slightly different tailpiece decoration... a new design?

Austin Clark
Oct-05-2008, 2:56pm
Thanks Steve. Not a new design on the tailpiece, the customer's wife's name is Rose and he wanted to do something for her.... I thought it was a sweet gesture and so went with it.

Oct-05-2008, 3:14pm
Ah, I see... sweet indeed!

Oct-05-2008, 4:24pm
I saw and heard Bill's F5 in action last Friday at its maiden jam. It is a very elegant looking mando, beautifully finished. It sounds great too.


Skip Kelley
Oct-06-2008, 6:36am
Austin, you have been busy! Nice work! Love the burst's on those mandolins!!

Oct-06-2008, 7:05am
I'm starting to like the 2 pointers more and more. Just a neat clean design.:)

Oct-06-2008, 7:59am
Yessir, that's a fine looking batch!