View Full Version : MAS, Weber Yellowstone!

Oct-05-2008, 7:40am
Thanks to Steve in Georgia,,Ive been looking at these for about a year,,its about ten years old,,settled in nicely,,and I love it!

Oct-05-2008, 7:43am
A picture of the front.

Oct-05-2008, 7:48am
Starting to get that distressed look,,and I love it!

Ken Olmstead
Oct-05-2008, 11:20am
Gotta love them Yellowstones!! Mine looked just like it (scooped fingerboard and all) before I sold it for my Fern. Webers are stupendous instruments! Congradulations!

Carleton Page
Oct-05-2008, 11:40am
:)Looks great! I played Dick wade's Yellowstone at Greyfox and it was awesome!:mandosmiley:

Oct-05-2008, 1:50pm
Looks great. I had a '98 Yellowstone with a scooped fretboard extension and a enamel-filled Weber tail piece. It was a very nice mandolin and looked very similar to yours. I really enjoyed playing it....wish I still had it...anyway, congrats on your new mando

Rob Powell
Oct-05-2008, 1:52pm

Kevin Briggs
Oct-06-2008, 10:53am

Oct-07-2008, 2:00pm
congrats on that weber....looks sweet...if you have a lazy dog and a crockpot you're all set for a great winter ...that MAS gremlin should be satiated and sleep till at least next memorial day....enjoy