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Oct-05-2008, 12:05am
what the differant between tenor guitar,that has one bridge or two.the one with two bridges has a body bridge and tailpiece bridge.is it for differant tone or what:mandosmiley:

Oct-05-2008, 12:23am
Photos would help.

Oct-05-2008, 1:47am
need your e mail to send pictures-denny7p@hotmail.com

Oct-05-2008, 3:31am
If you have photos, post them here.

Oct-05-2008, 7:24am
If you have photos, post them here.

PHOTOS- I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO POST,but figured it out

Oct-05-2008, 8:35pm
I understand now. One of these has a floating bridge and a tailpiece; the other has a pin bridge. I don't know if there is a tonal difference, generally speaking. I don't regularly play any instruments with pin bridges. Anyone else have an opinion?

Oct-06-2008, 2:02pm
Well I have one of each but as for the differences it'd be a hard call since they are such different body shapes who's to know what exactly is contributing to there voices. They both have qualities I love but the Regal with its floating bridge seems a tad more responsive when played softly...Im actually more of a banger tho. here's a shot of the 2 Im referring too. Regal on left and Bacon next to it. A few mando's just to keep it civil!:))

Oct-08-2008, 6:56pm
From my own limited experience, it seems that the floating bridge type (with the tailpiece) seems to be a bit more focused on the primary tone, whereas the pin bridge type is more resonant with more sustain.

I personally like the floating bridge type, in fact, Jack Spira built a killer of a Ditson small body with a slotted head for me. This little guitar is much louder than I thought possible. I also have a few early Regals and a Regal Resonator Tenor ... the Spira is louder than both of them. Which makes it great for Jazz back up.

Eddie Sheehy
Oct-08-2008, 8:03pm
I have an Ovation MM68 Mandolin with a pin bridge but because of it's other characteristics - plastic back, multi-hole epaulettes - I wouldn't be able to say what effect the pin-bridge has over my floating bridge and adjustable bridge mandos.