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Jul-11-2004, 3:44pm
I just acquired an old album called Chicago the Blues Today. Johnny Young, one of the musicians on it, plays a couple songs on mandolin. He's pretty good. does anyone know of any albums of his that have mandolin on them?

Jul-12-2004, 7:55am
"Johnny Young, one of the musicians on it, plays a couple songs on mandolin. He's pretty good. does anyone know of any albums of his that have mandolin on them?"

I have been listening to "The Chicago Blues Band" - Testament records. He is on every song singing and playing the mandolin. Wonderful stuff. It was recorded in the 1960s (if I recall) to preserve the sound of the un-amplified Chicago string band musicians before amplified blues took over completely. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in string band blues. The record is in print so is easily available. I believe one or two of the sellers on the internet has short sound clips you can hear of one or two of his songs but anyone interested in mandolin blues should hear this album. Perhaps his playing and singing is not as flashy as some but I would regard this as a "must have" for anyone interested in Chicago blues and/or mandolin blues. It is the one album I have which I can play along with with on every song and if I want to study and try to emulate his techniques I can do so... but his music is so infectious and I enjoy playing along with it so much that I forget I am suppose to learn his techniques.

You will not be disappointed.

Jul-12-2004, 8:09am
The title of the Johnny Young album is "The Chicago String Band", Not "The Chicago Blues Band" as I stated in my comments above.

Sorry about that... In my enthusiasm I didn't proof read my comments.

Jul-12-2004, 8:32am
Thanks. I'll get it. Johnny Young only plays a couple songs on mandolin on the album I have, which is an anthology of Chicago Blues recorded in the midsixties, but those two songs are my favorites on the album. He's got a really nice style.

Jul-12-2004, 1:43pm
Here's a link to purchase:
On Friday (payday) it'll be on the way...thanks for reminding me (us) about him...

Jul-12-2004, 3:11pm

Interesting, but on the Chicago String Band record he plays an acoustic Gibson mandolin. In fact The whole album is acoustic instrumentsand that was the purpose of the album, to preserve the sound of acoustic instruments in blues. Judging from the photo of Young on the album you mention was made some years later than the Chicago String Band album and by that time amplification had taken over Chicago blues.

Its an interesting album though.

Jul-12-2004, 3:43pm
This will take you to the Chicago Blues Band with Johnny Young and some sample sound clips.... I hope


Jul-13-2004, 4:56am
Here is a link with Johnny Young discography... scroll down on the site because it starts with "unknown lyrics" but later is readable!

Killer Blues Mandolin Player !Johnny (http://blueslim.m78.com/johnnyyoung.html)

Jul-13-2004, 8:29am
Where is the acoustic album available? Guess I should've paid more attention...but then again I'm at work...so...I can only glance at things sometimes...

Jul-13-2004, 11:47am
I found the acoustic album on Amazon.

Jul-13-2004, 11:50am

Thanks for the discography. (You have to scroll past all the Japanese t get to it.)