View Full Version : ss Stewart Tenor Banjo - help please

Sep-27-2008, 1:24pm

I saw this ad and wondered if I should take a drive and have a lookysee. Seems like a good deal - anyone here able to help me with an estimation of value? Also, what to watch out for?

Thanks for help (and putting up with a banjo question).

Ken Olmstead
Oct-11-2008, 12:16am
I don't know how you could go wrong there for $200. I have no idea what its value is as a collectable but if it plays and sounds ok, $200 seems reasonable, plus it is really a cool looking banjo! Since it probably has no truss rod, make sure there is not too much relief in the neck as you will be unable to adjust it (cost effectively.) Sorry I don't live near you...that's just the kind of road trip I like to go on!! :grin:

EDIT: oops, just noticed it was sold. Did you get it??