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Gary Hedrick
Sep-25-2008, 10:43am
Ok I'm not of the My Space....My Facebook generation. So what is the purpose of the Friends option on the Cafe. I received a notice that someone wanted to include me in their friends.

What functions can I do with this?

and by the way, I really like the changes made to the Cafe.....


Sep-25-2008, 11:20am
it's tied to some other features of the board that we haven't yet introduced- it's possible to set up sort of mini-clubs using this software.. at the moment it's more a curiosity, but watch this space :)

Scott Tichenor
Sep-25-2008, 11:25am
Also makes it easy to access those user's personal areas (photo albums, etc.) rather than searching for them by anme, and when they're online, you'll see them at the bottom of the front page with a plus sign (+) behind their name. I like that as I know when I'm likely to get a quicker reply from those I visit with on a more regular basis.

Bill Van Liere
Sep-25-2008, 2:56pm
I think the Recent Visitors is really cool. It 's interesting to see who clicks your name.

Hey Hi Pete Goodall. How are ya

Sep-25-2008, 5:59pm
it's bewildering to get messages like this out of the blue ... "hi! i want to be your friend!" - on youtube in particular. i never know what to say ... ("have we met?")

i used to reply by saying "i'm not sure what this means ..." but now i just click the "approve" button and let it slide. why not?

the "ignore" option here at the cafe is another matter ...