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Scott Tichenor
Sep-25-2008, 6:11am
I've had a number of people ask to have their user name changed to reflect their real name of late, and I applaud this change. I'd like to invite anyone wishing to do so to post your request as a replyhere, and I'll be happy to. Certainly not for everyone, but those of you that have been around and are staying around, there's simply no reason to not use your real name. Using your real name adds credibility to your participation. We will not entertain changes of anonymous to anonymous, ie., if you're wanting to change from 'bubba61' to 'tatereater419.'

Please let this post/thread stand as is and not have it be a place to post silly comments about user names. Thank you.

Mike Bullard
Sep-25-2008, 10:33am
Scott, I think this is a great idea....Please change my user name from MikeB42 to Mike Bullard

Bill Van Liere
Sep-25-2008, 11:59am
Thanks for the recommendation Scott, and this is not your first request for this as I recall, therefore I always signed my name. And I have to say that it does work, this past weekend I was playing at a local festival and after using my name on stage I was quiclky approached by another Cafe member who I enjoyed meeting. So I am ready to drop the Mando-lynn part and just be called Bill, I'll send an Email but not just yet as I assume you are a little full of messages right now.

Also thanks all for listing your location along with your real name. It make this place feel a lot more human.

Thanks Again

Chris Biorkman
Sep-25-2008, 12:03pm
Me too. Chris Biorkman.

Denny Gies
Sep-25-2008, 12:38pm
Do we change by requesting via this board or do you want an e-mail from us. If this is the venue, and seeing how much I respect and enjoy the Cafe I will go along. Please change the ADG to Denny Gies. Thanks.

Sep-25-2008, 1:32pm
Sounds like a great idea, Scott, and wish it were more common practice all over. Great way to build trust and community...

Mark Kunkel (yes, my real name)

Philippe Bony
Sep-25-2008, 2:37pm
Me too.
Philippe Bony

Rick Schmidlin
Sep-25-2008, 2:44pm
I prefer to keep Tone Monster, and I always have my real name and a link about me at the end of my post(see below). Also we must remember that there are some celeb's out there that would rather be more obscure.

Dave Hicks
Sep-25-2008, 2:57pm


Benjamin Farnum
Sep-25-2008, 3:31pm
Could you please change my user name to Benjamin Farnum.
That would be great.:cool:


Rob Powell
Sep-25-2008, 3:48pm
Rob Powell is good for me. The last time you requested something like this is when I put my name in my sig. I can leave the beergeek for other forums.

Dan Eaton
Sep-25-2008, 4:05pm
Count me in.
Dan Eaton

Thanks !!

Barb Friedland
Sep-25-2008, 4:19pm
Turn Mandogal into Barb Friedland please. (Do you also pull rabbits out of hats?) :))

Great idea BTW.

Tom Sanderson
Sep-25-2008, 4:40pm
Please change my user name to Tom Sanderson.

Jude Reinhardt
Sep-25-2008, 6:01pm
Works for me. Please change my user name from heyjude to Jude Reinhardt.

Chip Booth
Sep-25-2008, 6:02pm
Since the day I signed up and I realized the password I set to log in with would be my actual screen name I've been wanting to change "chipbooth" to Chip Booth.


Dave Harbst
Sep-25-2008, 6:06pm
I'm glad you started this topic because I have thinking about making a change for some time now. I don't feel at all uncomfortable showing my name in my posts.
If it's as simple as requesting the change via this post, then please change mine too. The name is Dave Harbst.
(aka: harpoon).

Bruce Evans
Sep-25-2008, 6:11pm
Yeah, sure. I'm Bruce Evans.

Bruce Evans
Sep-25-2008, 6:14pm
WOW! That was fast.

Scott Tichenor
Sep-25-2008, 6:15pm
Changes made. I was surprised at the number of requests, not having any experience with this type of change. There were far more requests made privately that have also been handled, and I anticipate many more in the near future. While this certainly isn't for everyone, I was very encouraged by the response.

Scott Tichenor
Sep-25-2008, 6:17pm
Also, as I quickly found out, it's really not necessary to log out and then back in if this change is made while you're online and have an active cookie already set. Just remember that if you do log out, the next time you log in you'll need to use your new board 'name' which for most of you is simply your real name.

Thomas Chapmond
Sep-25-2008, 6:22pm
Great idea. Please change Uncle Tuffy to Thomas Chapmond.



Lee Callicutt
Sep-25-2008, 6:37pm
Sure, why not, I'm not a famous player and never will be, :crying: and my real name is in my signature with each post anyway, so what the hey?

Scott Tichenor
Sep-25-2008, 6:49pm
If you have business in this thread, please state it. Otherwise, prefer the chip shot comments I referred to in the original post be saved for the General Discussion area. Thank you.

Doug Hoople
Sep-25-2008, 7:04pm
Please change doughoople to Doug Hoople.

Stephanie Reiser
Sep-25-2008, 7:11pm
Please change Amanda Lyn to Stephanie Reiser.
Thanks Scott.
I love the new message board, and you and all the mods do a terrific job.

Steve Cantrell
Sep-25-2008, 7:19pm
Agreed. A pretty neat idea. Change mine to Steve Cantrell, please.

Sep-25-2008, 7:43pm
I have a request for folks who may have their user names changed. Could you, for a couple of weeks, include your old Screenname in your signature field or Custom User Title (mine is Moderator). You set the Custom User Title in the User CP under the edit details area. This may help us re-associate who you are.

I must be getting old but lots of avatars have changed from the old board to this one... I really liked how the old forum software had a section where your real name could be entered. Scott has cleared this up here so we can have conversations with real names instead of like CB handles!

Thanks, Scott.


Dena Haselwander
Sep-25-2008, 7:57pm
Please change dmarie to Dena Haselwander. Thanks!

Magnus Geijer
Sep-25-2008, 7:59pm
That's funny. I was considering requesting that this afternoon.

I'm Magnus Geijer.


The artist previously known as kyswede

Tracy Tucker
Sep-25-2008, 8:47pm
OK Scott, please change me from Luv2HearMando to Tracy Tucker.

Thanks a bunch, and I LOVE the new forum format! I can post links now!

John Hill
Sep-25-2008, 8:52pm
Change mine to John Hill.

I've been wanting to change my cafe name for a while. Thanks.

Patrick Gunning
Sep-25-2008, 9:30pm
Please change Gunning to Patrick Gunning.

Thanks, and I really appreciate all the work on the new board.

Cary Fagan
Sep-25-2008, 9:38pm
Definitely a maturing of the site. Please change mine to Cary Fagan. Thanks!

Marc Berman
Sep-25-2008, 10:12pm
OK by me please change mine to Marc Berman.


Joel Spaulding
Sep-25-2008, 10:25pm

Please change user name drmole to Joel Spaulding.



Don Julin
Sep-25-2008, 10:43pm
Scott Please change my user name to Don Julin.


Pete Braccio
Sep-25-2008, 11:18pm
Sounds like a good idea. Please change braccio to Pete Braccio.


Rod Freeland
Sep-25-2008, 11:26pm
Change me from RodF to Rod Freeland. Great job with the new forum software!

Shelby Eicher
Sep-25-2008, 11:44pm
PLease change mine to Shelby Eicher

Dano Reible
Sep-26-2008, 12:19am
Sounds good to me....Change Dano to Dano Reible

Sep-26-2008, 12:22am
Me and another guy had the same surname and given name in the same year of High School , often when called into the in the Dean's office, sewed confusion on Identity, as best we could, and then got together to compare notes,

then theres that other guy with an actual music career, and talent , that's not Me.

so I'll leave well enough alone.

Mike Crater
Sep-26-2008, 12:35am
Sounds good. Change freeform to Mike Crater

Bertram Henze
Sep-26-2008, 1:30am
Me too, please: Bertram Henze


Jean-Pierre WOOS
Sep-26-2008, 3:00am
OK for me.
Please change JeePee to Jean-Pierre WOOS.

Jan Ellefsen
Sep-26-2008, 3:26am
I would like to change from Mandojan to my real name, Jan Ellefsen

Jan Ellefsen

Bobbie Dier
Sep-26-2008, 4:17am
Please change mine from imapickn to Bobbie Dier. Thanks

Bret Roberts
Sep-26-2008, 5:53am
Great idea, will you please change B-MAN to Bret Roberts .

Thank you.

Mark Richardson
Sep-26-2008, 6:38am
Scott, I would like to go by my given name Mark Richardson. Thanks.

Jim Broyles
Sep-26-2008, 7:57am
Okay. I'm Jim Broyles. Go for it.

Sep-26-2008, 8:34am
With Scott's permission, let me take the Devil's Advocate position:

While I understand and appreciate the value of using real names in a forum like this, I think it's important to inform people of the potential down side, especially for folks who may not be too Internet savvy or aware of the risks.

There are a lot of kooks out there.
For some people like me, with an unusual name, and a listed phone number and street address, I simply don't need to make personal information available to every searcher on net who may not have the best intentions.
Especially with small children at home, I just don't want to make it too easy to be found personally by total strangers. I'm not hard to find if someone is interested in putting a little effort in, but that doesn't mean I want to lay out the info for every spammer search software.
Nor do I want to get calls at home from some lurking kook who doesn't like one of my posted opinions!
And that's the mundane stuff, not to mention the of identity theft or the risk to the kids by a very small
segment of the population who can do much worse with a family's personal info.

Some one who's more insulated...unlisted numbers, no kid's picture online, etc... or some one with a very common name, a la John Smith, has less reason to be concerned.
And less reason to be trusted, for that matter.
Unless Scott is running background checks on all of us, Do NOT assume that just because someone uses a mundane screen name, that it PROVES they are who they say they are.
"Hey Scott, I agree totally...no more hiding...change me to me REAL name: Hillary Clinton."

ApK (Those are my REAL INITIALS)

Bob Wiegers
Sep-26-2008, 8:57am
and here I thought I was just being unimaginative...feel free to add a space and capitalization if you'd like, otherwise I think mine is pretty clear anyway.

as to ApK's concern, thinking in terms of risk-vs-reward: the risk seems rather minimal, while at the same time the reward does too. IMO, lurking kooks, while certainly very real, is one of the least of my concerns about my family and kids, etc. I suppose in the end it's a tossup, so go with what you think is best.

Terry Braund
Sep-26-2008, 9:32am
Hey, I've been wanting to change also.

I'm Terry Braund. Go ahead and make the change.

Thanks, Scott!

Charles Andre
Sep-26-2008, 9:55am
Make the change for me. Charles Andre. Thanks.

Sep-26-2008, 9:59am
i have to agree with ApK. i'm a computer geek by trade (and a mandolin torturer by desire). i often tell people there are people who don't have a life except through the computer. Their idea of a good time isn't playing Sally Goodin'; it's busting into other computers or servers to get any and all data they can. Keep me as "wreded" (not too hard to figure out anyway).
On another subject: JBMANDO where can i get a larger version of Your avatar? i LOVE IT!

Rick Parrish
Sep-27-2008, 9:07am
Hi Scott,

You may change my ID to Rick Parrish.

Danny Clark
Sep-27-2008, 10:05am
change ddmusic to
Danny Clark

Scott Tichenor
Sep-27-2008, 10:43am
Folks, I stated at the beginning of this thread to save the chip shot remarks for elsewhere. I'm going to delete some of these now. Sorry if this offends you but the purpose of this area is for support and change. There are other areas for making humorous remarks, but this is not one of them. Thank you.

Sep-27-2008, 12:35pm
I thought our profiles used to have our names on them if we wanted (I know the old forum did, but I thought I saw it on the new one too right after the migration.) Would it be possible to be able to do that again? I'd rather keep my handle since I use it on a few other boards, but I'd also like to have my full name on my profile (like it was before) so I won't be another anonymous poster. There might be a few others like me who don't mind having their names known but would like to keep their handle for whatever reason. Anyway, just throwing that out there -- I really enjoy the new forum and all the added features. Keep up the good work guys.

Wes Bunch

Scott Tichenor
Sep-27-2008, 1:48pm
I thought our profiles used to have our names on them if we wanted (I know the old forum did, but I thought I saw it on the new one too right after the migration.) Would it be possible to be able to do that again? I'd rather keep my handle since I use it on a few other boards, but I'd also like to have my full name on my profile (like it was before) so I won't be another anonymous poster. There might be a few others like me who don't mind having their names known but would like to keep their handle for whatever reason. Anyway, just throwing that out there -- I really enjoy the new forum and all the added features. Keep up the good work guys.

Wes Bunch

I should clear this up, because some people seem confused by this--probably because they haven't read my opening post: No one's being forced to use their full name on this forum, and no one has been asked to explain why if they don't wish to.

If you wish to have your name displayed below your board user ID, the process is almost identical to the previous forum: Click User CP, upper left-hand corner of any page, then on the left under:

Your Control Panel
Your Profile
Click the link "Edit Details"

In the middle is an area called Custom User Title.

In that space is a place to place any text you'd like to shown directly below your user name--like your real name, or something else if you prefer.

Sep-27-2008, 1:53pm
I read the opening post and understand no one is being forced to change their handle, just wanted to know if we could add our names to our public profiles like we could in the past. If not cool, but just I wanted to check. Thanks again.

Bill Snyder
Sep-27-2008, 3:58pm
Cooper4205, if you follow Scott's instructions your name will be right under your handle. Where mine says I'm still Curious yours would have your name.

Sep-27-2008, 4:47pm
Can you make the display name show something other than the credential you login with, i.e. can my name display Buddy Ellis but the login name remain buddyellis?

Sep-27-2008, 5:56pm
Cooper4205, if you follow Scott's instructions your name will be right under your handle. Where mine says I'm still Curious yours would have your name.

I know, I was just checking to see if we might be able to put our names on our public profiles (where it has a place for you to type a biography, for instance). Anyway, no big deal, just wanted to see if it could be done like that. I'll probably just put it in my signature line instead.

Philip Halcomb
Sep-27-2008, 6:10pm
Hi Scott,

Go ahead and change me as well. My name has been under all of my posts for years anyways. Thanks...

Sep-27-2008, 7:09pm

You can do that as Scott described....

If you wish to have your name displayed below your board user ID, the process is almost identical to the previous forum: Click User CP, upper left-hand corner of any page, then on the left under:

Your Control Panel
Your Profile
Click the link "Edit Details"

In the middle is an area called Custom User Title.
Mine says Moderator yours is currently set to Registered User.

Cooper, In the same place you edit your Custom User Title further down the page you can put your name in the Biography section like I did. You can see that info on the about me tab when viewing my profile.


Scott Tichenor
Sep-27-2008, 8:07pm
Can you make the display name show something other than the credential you login with, i.e. can my name display Buddy Ellis but the login name remain buddyellis?

Can't do that, not even sure why you'd want to but really don't need to know. There are two pieces visible that can be changed:

Registered User

The first is your user name, and only I can change that. The second is an editable title. By default, everyone is "Registered User" but if you want to put your name there that's possible and you can edit that yourself through your CP--Control Panel.

Sep-27-2008, 9:23pm
I know, I was just checking to see if we might be able to put our names on our public profiles (where it has a place for you to type a biography, for instance). Anyway, no big deal, just wanted to see if it could be done like that. I'll probably just put it in my signature line instead.

Hi Wes,

I didn't find an option for my full name like in the last version of the board, so I put it into my "biographical sketch" in my profile. I've also a link to my web site, so I feel really exposed here now :redface: .

Jim Kirkland
Sep-27-2008, 9:45pm
Scott please change desertmando to Jim Kirkland. Thank you

Milan Christi
Sep-28-2008, 1:13am
Great idea! This is just another example of the professional level I've come to appreciate with this forum. Please change "MC Gitarz" to Milan Christi.

Scott Tichenor
Sep-28-2008, 7:52am
Changes made. Repeating now for the third time. :whistling:

If you don't have business in this thread, please post elsewhere. Business is: you either wish to change your user name, or you have a valid question about board use regarding the changing of a user name or wish to assist someone that does. If in doubt, contact me privately. I'm continuing to remove comments that have no purpose here. We don't need to hear from you about what your board ID means. Really, we don't. There are entire threads out here for that. Go post that there. I don't care what your board ID means. This is a working area for yours truly and the moderators and these posts, and I do care about serving only the users that have a valid need, and that doesn't include anyone wanting to provide us detailed instructions on what tatereater61 means.

Thank you. :)

Ken Froman
Sep-28-2008, 7:58am
from mandoplyr72 please change me to Ken Froman

Ken Olmstead
Sep-28-2008, 5:53pm
tenorbanjoguy to Ken Olmstead please.


Randy King
Sep-28-2008, 6:57pm
Please change kingmandoman to Randy King

Michael Eck
Sep-28-2008, 7:17pm
Sure. Please change Mistereck to Michael Eck

Dan Cole
Sep-28-2008, 7:38pm
Sounds great. Please change TKE878 to Dan Cole.

Stephen Lind
Sep-28-2008, 10:58pm
Please change GPMH to Stephen Lind

Charles Johnson
Sep-28-2008, 11:04pm
Scott, Please change mwhq to Charles Johnson. Thanks!

Eddie Sheehy
Sep-29-2008, 12:19am
Please change Claughaun to Eddie Sheehy - time to come out of the closet....

Patrick Killeen
Sep-29-2008, 4:05am
Hello Scott

Could you change mine to Patrick Killeen please.



Stephen Perry
Sep-29-2008, 7:36am
giannaviolins to Stephen Perry please.

Thank you much for running this place. It's great!

Bob Perrey
Sep-29-2008, 7:45am
Please change Bperrey to Bob Perrey.... Thanks.

Kevin Briggs
Sep-29-2008, 8:53am
Please change mine from The Briggadier to Kevin "The Briggadier" Briggs.

Austin Koerner
Sep-29-2008, 9:50am
Great idea, please change mine to Austin Koerner

Bill Auld
Sep-29-2008, 9:54am
Hi Scott -

Please change "downeastboy" to "Bill Auld" ... Thanks!


Leigh Coates
Sep-29-2008, 3:25pm
Hi Scott:

Please change Kermit to Leigh Coates.



David Currie
Sep-29-2008, 3:44pm
Hi Scott,
Please change my name to David Currie

Marshall Stapleton
Sep-29-2008, 5:06pm
hi scott i would like to change from ukenasia to marshall stapleton thanks

Sep-29-2008, 5:12pm
Hi Scott.

One more to change, jasonh847 to Jason Holmes. Thank you.

Mike Scott
Sep-29-2008, 6:39pm
Well, I am neither "Old on the forum site" (just plain old), nor do I know if I will stay (as long as I play the mando I will-I believe both are an addiction), so who am I to buck the trend. I am not necessarily attached to "newoldguy" anyway. So.......please change to Mike Scott. If that name is taken Michael Scott will work too.

Thanks, Mike

Nick Triesch
Sep-29-2008, 6:47pm
Please change Mandocat to Nick Triesch. Thank you. Nick

Howard Morris
Sep-29-2008, 7:40pm
Hi Scott
will you change mine to
Howard Morris

Jon Hall
Sep-30-2008, 6:30am
Please change Jon to Jon Hall.


Sep-30-2008, 9:11am
Please change DMD to DorothyD
Dorothy D

Andrew B. Carlson
Sep-30-2008, 10:19am
I suppose I will change. From Hippiesmurf69 to Andrew B. Carlson please. Thanks Scott. You are a fine gentleman.

Tim Peter
Sep-30-2008, 10:30am
Scott, please change my name tpeter to Tim Peter. Thank you.

Matt Vuksinich
Sep-30-2008, 12:51pm
Please change my user name from "mattrat" to "Matt Vuksinich".

Taube Marks
Sep-30-2008, 12:56pm
Yes please use my real name too.

Taube is: Taube Marks

Many thanks!

Patrick Madden
Sep-30-2008, 4:49pm
Please change Patrick55 to Patrick Madden
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you do to make this such a great site. It is a wonderful source of both information and inspiration.
Thanks very much...

Hugh Jape
Sep-30-2008, 6:41pm
Sure, change JFly to Hugh Jape

Gerard Dick
Sep-30-2008, 7:07pm
OK gerrymando is Gerard Dick. Go for it.

Jerry Cross
Sep-30-2008, 7:50pm
Scott, change JerCross to Jerry Cross

Gates Richards
Oct-01-2008, 5:59pm
I'm happy to oblige.

gator02 is Gates Richards.

Thanks for everything, Scott and company!

Rob Wallace
Oct-01-2008, 7:29pm
Rob514 is Rob Wallace

Dave Caulkins
Oct-02-2008, 7:59am
Leshii is Dave Caulkins. You can have my secret identity now, since I've been around here for 7 or so years - I guess I can trust y'all with that :)


Gene Cannon
Oct-02-2008, 8:37am
Please change a cappella 2 to Gene Cannon. Thanks, Scott, and many others, for all you do. The new boards are first class! I have learned so much on this site.

Mike Herlihy
Oct-02-2008, 9:11am
Please change mherlihy to Mike Herlihy


Jason Kessler
Oct-02-2008, 10:24am
F4Fake is Jason Kessler. And please allow me to add my voice to the chorus of thanks. The Cafe is the first place I check into every morning; always informative, supportive, and fun.

Bryan Monarch
Oct-02-2008, 1:02pm
Can I get mine changed to Bryan Monarch? That'd be awesome! Thank you!

Patrick Melly
Oct-02-2008, 5:00pm
Please change melly to Patrick Melly. Thanks.

Tim Pike
Oct-02-2008, 7:18pm
Please change to Tim Pike...Thanks!

Mark Heller
Oct-02-2008, 7:52pm
Please change ode to Mark Heller

Thank you

Matt Spencer
Oct-03-2008, 6:43am
Please change my user name from M_Spencer to Matt Spencer. Thanks

Duc Vu
Oct-03-2008, 8:00am
Please change to Duc Vu, and thank you for opening and running the Cafe.

Dave Greenspoon
Oct-03-2008, 8:20am

It's time to retire Buskin' Rabbi. Please register me as Dave Greenspoon.

Thanks for all you do to make the Cafe a wonderful experience for us all!


Randi Gormley
Oct-03-2008, 8:53am
I'm fairly new, but I have no objection. Please change my signon to Randi Gormley. Thanks!

Brent Willis
Oct-03-2008, 9:48am
Scott can you change mine from
MBW52 to Brent Willis?

Dan Margolis
Oct-03-2008, 9:54am
Sure--dmargo1045 morphs into Dan Margolis. Oooooo...freaky!

Amy Burcham
Oct-04-2008, 9:29am
Thanks Scott - please change mandolinmind to Amy Burcham!

Jim Baker
Oct-04-2008, 1:08pm
Hi Scott. Please change me to Jim Baker. Thanks

Chad Stein
Oct-04-2008, 4:54pm
I'll join the fray..Steindawg to Chad Stein

Barbara Shultz
Oct-04-2008, 10:00pm
Not much of a change, but I'll go from barbarashultz to Barbara Shultz!

Tom Gibson
Oct-04-2008, 10:49pm
I made 1/2 of this switch recently anyway, so might as well finish the job. Please change T Gibson to Tom Gibson.


Donnie Lang
Oct-05-2008, 9:30am
Scott, Please Change DLang to Donnie Lang

John Sawatzky
Oct-05-2008, 9:46am
Scott - Please change jswat - picker to John Sawatzky.

Keith Miller
Oct-05-2008, 6:40pm
Please change to Keith Miller

Jim MacDaniel
Oct-05-2008, 9:17pm
Me too please: Jim MacDaniel

R. Kane
Oct-10-2008, 5:40pm
Hi Scott,

Arcane is R. Kane, but you knew that. Now anyone can.

Oct-11-2008, 4:14pm
Holy smokes, a coming out party! :)
What else have I missed?
Congratulations to all you brave souls that decided to out yourselves...

Bill Snyder
Oct-13-2008, 11:03pm
I have a quick question. I changed my user name when you first invited us to and I want to know if a new user (unbeknownst to them) chose our old user name, would they be allowed to use it. I ask because it might cause some confussion amongst older members.

Jonathan Rudie
Oct-14-2008, 12:51pm
Hi Scott,

Please change name ("Grazioso") to "Jonathan Rudie". Thanks for all the work you do to keep this site a great place.


Cara Z.
Oct-14-2008, 2:37pm
Oh, OK.
Pls change zemacar to Cara Z.

Oct-16-2008, 9:32pm
Bill Snyder has an excellant question....

for continuities sake, i like my user name and want to keep it. But for a bit more identity, i just changed "registered user" to my real name. the mystery is revealed....

Hal Loflin
Oct-16-2008, 9:44pm

Please change smyrnagc to Hal Loflin


Oct-17-2008, 11:32am

Could you change mine to Nathan Bolser? Thanks.


Steve Ostrander
Oct-17-2008, 12:32pm
please change mad4mandos to SteveO

Brad Weiss
Oct-17-2008, 12:34pm
BradW, now Brad Weiss.


Kyle Baker
Oct-17-2008, 8:06pm
Could you please change me to Kyle Baker ?

Peter LaMorte
Oct-18-2008, 11:33am
Please change PSL53 to Peter LaMorte

B. T. Walker
Oct-18-2008, 2:33pm
Please change altair38 to B. T. Walker.


Dave Cowles
Oct-19-2008, 6:19am
Please make me whole by changing dmcowles to Dave Cowles.

Oct-19-2008, 10:48pm
I am rediscovering this forum so change me too.

Change "lone-woodwose" to my first name "Alden"
(I don't like my last name so i wont have it put in)

please and thank you,

Oct-20-2008, 12:59am
Thanks to all of you who are support Scott's request on this. It makes it much more enjoyable to know who we are communicating with - and a better way for members of this community to get to know and trust each other. MandolinCafe is a very valuable asset and helping to protect its integrity should be important to us all.
Best regards to all...

Lou Scuderi
Oct-20-2008, 3:57am
Ah, why not,
change me to Lou Scuderi

Scott Tichenor
Oct-20-2008, 6:10am
Just a note that I'm only processing requests for changes to full names, not partial names, please. Also, as has been pointed out, you can change the tag "Registered User' yourself in your Control Panel and add your name there if you wish to retain your board handle/login. Thanks again to everyone that is supporting this, and to repeat what I've already said in this thread several times, this is just by invitation, it's not a requirement.

John Goodin
Oct-20-2008, 8:39pm

Please change me from jgoodin to John Goodin. Missed you at CMSA. Maybe you can make it to Dayton next year?


Carolyn Hastings
Oct-22-2008, 6:22pm
I never post, but I'll go along. Please change me to Carolyn Hastings.

Jim MacDaniel
Oct-22-2008, 6:36pm
Hi Scott,

Arcane is R. Kane, but you knew that. Now anyone can.

LOL! "R. Kane" is still arcane on more than one level.

Steve Williams
Oct-22-2008, 6:56pm
Please change Gospelmando to Steve Williams...thanks!

Steve Williams

Oct-23-2008, 11:38am
Please change mine to Keith Foster

Mike Bromley
Oct-23-2008, 11:47am
Scott, when you get a chance: Mike Bromley, in the flash.


Oct-23-2008, 12:56pm
I changed the 'registered user' because my tag is common on multiple forums. Since I was there I added an avatar. I'm pretty sure it's unique. It has personal meaning for me and what I do for a living.

Keith Owen
Oct-24-2008, 11:41am
please change barney94 to Keith Owen


Oct-24-2008, 12:15pm
Please change mine to Mark S.
Was qwerty [easy to type] before that pseudomando [one of my older email addresses is pseudographica] but saw there was a pseudomando man and I have a hard enough time being me, never mind trying to be someone else. So I guess I'll use my name, unless someone else has it then its back to being something else again.

Alex Orr
Oct-27-2008, 5:05pm
Add me on. Can you please change The_Big_Crunch to Alex Orr? Thanks.

Steven Skollar
Oct-27-2008, 6:35pm
Why not. Steven Skollar . Just don't ask for my mando's birthday.

Sandy Beckler
Oct-27-2008, 11:03pm
Hey Scott...could you ammend me to be Sandy Beckler...but I'd like to be fondly remembered as "sanchan"


Jim Yates
Oct-28-2008, 5:35pm
Please change mine from Blep to Jim Yates. Thanks.

Phillip Tigue
Oct-28-2008, 10:29pm
Sign me up. Phillip Tigue...nice to meet ya!

Dan Johnson
Oct-29-2008, 6:31am
If you're not exhausted of making these changes yet... Dan Johnson is in the house!

Jerry Haynes
Oct-29-2008, 7:23am
Scott, change me... Jerry Haynes Thanks

Neil Gladd
Oct-29-2008, 1:05pm
I'm ready to be Neil Gladd.

Alan Taunton
Oct-29-2008, 1:18pm
I am Alan Taunton

Oct-29-2008, 2:36pm
so if I am used to searching for articles by a certain username and that user changes their username to their real name, how will I find their past articles?

anybody thought of that?

Greg Stec
Oct-29-2008, 5:23pm
Please change me from k5player to Greg Stec.
Thanks in advance

Bill Snyder
Oct-29-2008, 8:53pm
so if I am used to searching for articles by a certain username and that user changes their username to their real name, how will I find their past articles?

anybody thought of that?

All of your previous posts show your new user name. If you know that, you are still good to go. To check it out I searched for a thread I started over 4 years ago and instead of showing the user name Curious it shows Bill Snyder.

Rick Albertson
Oct-29-2008, 11:07pm
Thanks, Scott. Like it...

Ralberts = Rick Albertson

Graham McDonald
Oct-29-2008, 11:15pm
grahammcd to Graham McDonald, if you would be so kind. I think this was one of the first forums (or should that be fora) and I was always puzzled by the fashion for on-line 'handles' All very CB radio I thought. 10-4, good buddy etc..



T W Perez
Oct-30-2008, 5:06am
Please change me from mandot to T W Perez,thanks much better I can remember that.

Dale Rychlik
Oct-30-2008, 7:08am
Yes Please... Change mine to Dale Rychlik

Clif Wayland
Oct-30-2008, 7:26am
Hi! My name is Clif Wayland, please change me!

Oct-30-2008, 8:08am
Please change mine to Mark Sullivan. am "qwerty" easy to type, was pseudomando [one of my emails is "pseudographica"] but saw some one had one similar. Might as well be me.

J.C. Bryant
Oct-30-2008, 2:03pm

Please change ArkTrav to J.C. Bryant



Susan H.
Oct-30-2008, 2:11pm
Hi Scott, Please change mine to Susan H. Thanks, Susan

Trey Young
Oct-30-2008, 2:43pm
Hey Scott, I would also like to start using my name Trey Young, thanks for your work on this site, it's a great place.

Andrew DeMarco
Oct-30-2008, 3:42pm

Can't say enough good stuff about this place. Change to Andrew DeMarco please.


Andrew Lewis
Oct-30-2008, 9:16pm

Thank you for running a great site. Please go ahead and change me over to Andrew Lewis.


Brian Muller
Oct-31-2008, 1:39am
Scott, please change to Brian Muller

Nathan Sanders
Oct-31-2008, 11:18am

Sounds like a great idea. Please change mine to Nathan Sanders.


Corbin Smith
Oct-31-2008, 12:13pm
Change to Corbin Smith, please.


Bob Sayers
Nov-01-2008, 8:36pm

Please change my user name from Robt. Sayers to Bob Sayers. No need to be so formal.


Tomm Truckenmueller
Nov-02-2008, 6:05am
I am Tomm Truckenmueller and live in the south of germany.

If my last name ist too complicated, we can change as well to Tomm T.
What do you mean?

Be well

Ted Eschliman
Nov-02-2008, 9:14pm
Tomm, if we can put up with a German name like "Eschliman," then "Truckenmueller" ought to be no trouble at all. Welcome all you other "complicated" surnames; transparency is great!

Jack Roberts
Nov-07-2008, 1:08pm
Request Streborkcaj to Jack Roberts. (Everybody figured it out what streborkcaj was anyway.)

Michael Cameron
Nov-07-2008, 1:11pm
I'm in. Michael Cameron is my real name.

Travis Wilson
Nov-08-2008, 1:15am
My name is Travis Wilson.

Alex Timmerman
Nov-08-2008, 11:38am
Hi Scott,

That's OK with me. Please change my user name into Alex Timmerman.



Gene Bragg
Nov-09-2008, 9:46am
Scott,I'll change from oldasdirtmandonewby, since it is so long, to Gene Bragg.

Richard Walz
Nov-09-2008, 1:13pm
Hi Scott, I would love to change my user name to my own but I can't find a way to do it. Sorry, I'm really not good with computers (that's why I don't have a website). I also don't know why I am not a 'registered user'?

Brian Ney
Nov-10-2008, 10:20pm
Hi Scott,

Please change my name to Brian Ney.


Shane Halloran
Nov-14-2008, 8:11am
Hi Scott and team,

Change mine to Shane Halloran...thanks :mandosmiley:

Michael Wolf
Nov-14-2008, 8:31am
Hello Scott,

please change "aldimandola" to Michael Wolf.


Steve Jeter
Nov-14-2008, 10:33am
Would you please change stevo to my real name steve jeter
Thanks, been away from forum and mando a while ,,glad to be back, site is still great!

Rick Schneider
Nov-16-2008, 2:40pm

Please do change primadomra to Rick Schneider. Thanks.

Kirk Pickering
Nov-17-2008, 3:16pm
OK, I'll jump on the band wagon.
Please change "K4RO" (my ham radio call sign)
to "Kirk Pickering"

Marc Schlotthauer
Nov-18-2008, 12:25am
Please change "hawtin47" to Marc Schlotthauer (anyone else have Hawtin for their middle name? Didn't think so.)

J E Corrado
Nov-18-2008, 3:14am
Mandolian to J E Corrado

lurked here since 2002.....love this site!

Laurence Firth
Nov-18-2008, 7:05pm
Scott - please change my name also: Laurence Firth. I'll have my new avatar photo soon also. Thanks

Rick Cadger
Nov-20-2008, 5:39am
Scott, would you please change 'flattop' to Rick Cadger?

Thank you.


Bryon Winger
Nov-23-2008, 10:53am
Scott, please change me from bryonwinger to Bryon Winger. Thanks!

Chad Thorne
Nov-23-2008, 2:30pm
I'm Chad Thorne.

Ron Cain
Nov-23-2008, 3:36pm
I like this idea. Please change Jon
Ron to Ron Cain. Thanks Scott

Rick Lindstrom
Nov-23-2008, 7:14pm
Yeah- please make me Rick Lindstrom



Roger Renfro
Nov-23-2008, 8:16pm

You can change mine to Roger Renfro.


Patrick Bjorndal
Nov-23-2008, 8:37pm
You can change mine from PNB to Patrick Bjorndal.

Oliver Fuchs
Nov-24-2008, 5:05am
Hello Scott, please change mine to Oliver Fuchs, thanks.

Roger Wheeler
Nov-25-2008, 8:36am
I'm in. Change mine to Roger Wheeler

Jason Nagati
Nov-26-2008, 5:55pm
Scott, please change mine to "Jason Nagati".

Mike Pilgrim
Nov-27-2008, 6:26pm
Hey, Scott -

Please change mine to Michael Pilgrim.

Thanks for the Cafe.

Shana Aisenberg
Dec-06-2008, 1:22pm
Great idea Scott! Please change mine from klezmusic to Seth Austen


Phil Hopkins
Dec-06-2008, 1:48pm
Fine with me. You can change mine to Phil Hopkins.

Dennis Schubert
Dec-06-2008, 3:59pm
Another change-0.....please change me from "ironweed" to "D Schubert"

Jeff Chu
Dec-06-2008, 4:39pm
Please change my name to Jeff Chu. Thanks!

John Eichenberger
Dec-06-2008, 11:21pm
Okay, makes sense to me. My wife says I'm pathologically private. This'll show her! Please change mine to John Eichenberger

Andrew Faltesek
Dec-07-2008, 10:19pm
Scott, you may change my user name to Andrew Faltesek.

Bruce McDonald
Dec-12-2008, 1:16am
Please change my user name to Bruce McDonald.

Good idea, thanks.

Lanier Mote
Dec-13-2008, 7:57am
Please change my name to Lanier Mote

Dale Ludewig
Dec-13-2008, 8:28am
This is great. I hope everyone will do it. Go people. Be yourselves. No one will dislike you for it!

Jackie Walters
Dec-13-2008, 9:00am
Great Idea...please change mine from Angelfire to Jackie Walters.

Bob Borzelleri
Dec-13-2008, 3:58pm
OK... bborzell to Bob Borzelleri

Andy Nichols
Dec-13-2008, 9:57pm
Change mine to Andy Nichols.

Chris Wofford
Dec-14-2008, 11:45am
Please change to Chris Wofford.

Pastor Bill Pawlyshyn
Dec-15-2008, 7:38am
to be consistant
Pastor Bill Pawlyshyn

Jim Garber
Dec-15-2008, 7:43am
I am not sure if it really matters, but you can change mine to Jim Garber.

Adam Tracksler
Dec-15-2008, 8:07am
you can change mine to adam tracksler

Dalton Maples
Dec-15-2008, 9:28am
Well Scott, please change me from dmaples to Dalton Maples


Dave Reiner
Dec-15-2008, 12:31pm
Hi Scott-

dsreiner --> Dave Reiner


Larry Simonson
Dec-16-2008, 10:16am
Hi Scott,

Please change "newtonamic" to "L. Simonson" Thanks

Emmitt Sanders
Dec-21-2008, 7:02pm
Please change my user name to
Emmitt Sanders

David Adams
Dec-21-2008, 9:09pm

I am for the first time using my real name on a discussion board.

Just started with the Mandolin but have 30 years in violin... moving faster that a beginner do to this expereince... I am glad to find a good place to find people and music.

I might be available for translating tabs because I can read music well.

Russ Partain
Dec-22-2008, 10:07am
I would like to use my real name. Russ Partain

Steve Sikes-Nova
Dec-22-2008, 4:34pm
I signed up today using my real name to begin with!
:)Steve Sikes-Nova

Jim Rowland
Dec-22-2008, 8:02pm
Please change to Jim Rowland

Greg Allen
Dec-22-2008, 8:17pm
Please Change to Greg Allen

Rob Gerety
Dec-22-2008, 8:37pm
Please change my name to Rob Gerety.

Erik Thomas
Dec-22-2008, 10:02pm
Of course all of us already in compliance will be for it, including me!

John Zimm
Dec-25-2008, 8:16pm
This seems like a good idea. Could you change my name from Buckley to John Zimm? Thanks.


Dec-26-2008, 4:25pm
Can You change mine to Luke Van Hine


Terry W. Harvey
Dec-27-2008, 11:45am

Change to Terry W. Harvey from tennroots.


Dick Wade
Dec-27-2008, 4:44pm
Scott, please change me from flywadeto Dick Wade. Thanks

Brady Smith
Dec-27-2008, 9:42pm
Brady Smith from brady712 ... thanks

Gerry Tenney
Dec-28-2008, 12:42am
mandoklez is Gerry Tenney.

John Bertotti
Dec-28-2008, 11:26pm
Great, please change Reesaber to John Bertotti or just Bertotti that's what every one calls me anyway. Thanks Bertotti

Butch Shockley
Dec-29-2008, 6:20pm
Great change me from Butcher to Butch Shockley

Joe Sinchak
Dec-29-2008, 7:11pm
Ok - I'm in for the rest of my name.
Please change from Joe S. to Joe Sinchak.
And it's a pleasure to meet you all!

Steve Stewart
Dec-30-2008, 10:48am
Hey all :)

stewutah to Steve Stewart

Joe Singleton
Dec-30-2008, 11:11am
This sounds like a fine idea, change BlueGT to Joe Singleton.

Steve Hinde
Dec-30-2008, 1:38pm
Please change my user name to Steve Hinde.

Thanks Scott

Bruce Stein
Jan-05-2009, 11:56am
Scott -

When you have a moment please change my user name from tasc99 to Bruce Stein. Thank you and happy new year!

Michael Gowell
Jan-07-2009, 8:43am
Please change
Maine Michael to Michael Gowell. Thanks, Scott & it's good to see our community
develop another avenue to building trust.