View Full Version : A Few Good Songs

Sep-17-2008, 2:08am
Hey there guys

I have now learnt how to play some chords, the C scale and working on Duelling Banjos

Finding a few easy songs to play with the guitar boys or on my own is pretty hard down here in Aus.

Has anyone got any suggestions?


Sep-17-2008, 7:47am
keep at it and play some every day!

Sep-18-2008, 5:18am
Only so many times I can play Duelling Banjos!
The neighbours are starting to get a bit twitchy!

Any other songs???

Eddie Sheehy
Sep-18-2008, 6:33pm
I tune mine to C G D G and play Wayfaring Stranger in Cm - using the tab for the mando in Gm. Tuning the A string to G makes the fret-stretch a lot easier. I also use it (tuned C G D A) to play tenor-banjo Irish Tunes.

Sep-19-2008, 2:40am
Good stuff, thanks for the tip

Will try to track it down and report back.

Heard a bloke playing Angie the Stones song - any idea how we convert it to tenor music?


Sep-19-2008, 2:43pm
Haven't tried 'Angie', but if you're in CGDA tuning, try 'Street Fighting Man' and 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'. Fun stuff!

Sep-20-2008, 1:33pm
I have mine tuned to GDAE and play from Mando tabs.

You need to restring for GDAE tuning though. I am using this string combo for a light, low-tension setup: 0.011, 0.016, 0.027, 0.042. The G in this setup may be a little twangy for some but I am happy with it.

I also calculated a heavier GDAE string combo but I have not tried it: 0.013, 0.019, 0.031, 0.046.