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Hal Loflin
Sep-16-2008, 6:16pm
Hey Mike...When I click on a thread it automatically goes to the newest posted reply. I went to my control panel and verified that I have it to show the oldest (initial) thread first but it still comes up newest.

Am I misreading this?

Thanks, Hal

Sep-16-2008, 6:30pm
Well, I just set mine to newest and it changed. Let me see if it will change back to oldest.

Sep-16-2008, 6:31pm
I just changed it back. Did you remember to go to the bottom of the page and push the Save Changes button? What Internet Browser are you using?

Sep-16-2008, 8:23pm
I just tried it too. The settings seem to be working opposite of their wording. When I chose initial thread, save the setting and went to a post, it took me to the newest thread. When I chose newest thread, it took me to the initial thread. I am using Firefox with a Mac

Oh! It changes the order they appear on the page. Newest First puts the new thread at the top of the page. Oldest First puts the initial thread at the top of the page (like the old message board). I think regardless of the setting, it takes you to the newest thread each time and, depending on your setting, you have to scroll up or down to see previous posts

Hal Loflin
Sep-18-2008, 2:34pm
Got it...Thanks Mike