View Full Version : Sound Art Recordings still in business?

Sep-16-2008, 2:47pm
When I go to the Sound Art Recordings website at www.soundartrecordings.com all I get is the message that this domain name has expired. Does anyone know if they are still in business? I wanted to browse and buy a Butch Baldassari CD. Thanks.

Scott Tichenor
Sep-16-2008, 2:53pm
If you click the link on the page that's resulting at the moment there's a message from the domain company stating: "It seems that the domain listed above has already been renewed. The domain should be reactivated shortly. You do not need to renew it now. If you still see this message in 72 hours, please contact us."

Butch, as you may or may not be aware, is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor and had a stroke over a month ago and has been hospitalized since, unable to walk.

Sep-16-2008, 3:10pm
I just got off the phone with Butch, a short chat. He sounded good, and thanked me very much for the call. He is a marvel of strength.

Sep-16-2008, 3:49pm
I think you can buy most of his cds over on CDBaby.com No financial interest and all that!

Sep-16-2008, 7:05pm
I wasn't aware that Butch is the sole proprietor. Sorry. I'll give CDBaby a look.