View Full Version : OM with 10 7/8" Scale ?

Eddie Sheehy
Sep-15-2008, 1:26am
Ebay 7411855170

Why would it be classed as an OM with such a short scale? Wouldn't the strings hang off it tuned a full octave below a mandolin with a 13 1/4" scale?

John Flynn
Sep-15-2008, 4:01am
It's obviously a mistake in the listing. Seiffert's web site says his mandolins have either 13" or 13.4" scales and his bouzoukis have either23.4" or 25.6" scales. Also, the instrument in the listing looks a lot like the "Blackwood" mandolin model on Seiffert's site. The listing also says, "From the nut to the 7th fret is 5 1/8 inches." That would suggest almost a 16" scale, which would be in the mandola range. I think the writer of the listing doesn't know his instruments, or how to measure.