View Full Version : PM, Email from a forum msg?

steve V. johnson
Sep-15-2008, 1:23am

Congrats on a smooth (afaik) transition to the new forum software, and
thanks for all the effort that went into it all!

I recently wanted to reply to a post via a PM or a direct email to the poster,
but I can't find the relevant buttons or switches to do that in the forum
reply forms.

I'm quite capable of being very dense and missing something obvious, but
could you tell me how I might do such a reply from within a forum thread?

Many thanks and all the best,


Sep-15-2008, 8:27am
Left Click on the users name (in the left of their post) and a drop down windo appears there. The second option down is Send User a Private Message.


steve V. johnson
Sep-15-2008, 9:46am
Thank you, Jamie!