View Full Version : new tenor neck for a maccaferri

Charles E.
Sep-14-2008, 7:21pm
I have had a plastic Maccaferri with broken tuners for a long time. I decided it was time for a new tenor neck for it. I used a plastic dinner plate for the headstock veneer and was able to use the original plastic icons. It actually sounds pretty good and has a very high cool factor.


Jim Garber
Sep-14-2008, 7:41pm
Interesting.... I have a plastic Maccaferri some of whose tuner knopbs have disintegrated. Hmmmmmmm....

Sep-15-2008, 8:41am

Paul Hostetter
Sep-16-2008, 9:53am
This would delight Mario Maccaferri. He took these plastic guitars quite seriously as musical instruments. Knowing how many had these gear problems, I'd say he never got the production details dialed in all the way, but he was onto something and if the market had accepted them, he might have pursued the vexing details more. Good work!

Charles E.
Sep-16-2008, 7:20pm
Thanks Paul, coming from you that means alot. It was a fun project and I am happy to get the old gal up and playing again. I truley think these instruments, whatever they are, liked to sing.


Sep-16-2008, 8:15pm
That's a neat conversion! Did you keep the handy neck-adjuster mechanism too?

Now if somebody could just work on a cool replacement tailpiece. They always fail; if yours isn't broken now it will be soon! :)

The Saga "Selmer" one doesn't look right, IMO...

Charles E.
Sep-16-2008, 8:30pm
I did use the original poplar "neck stick" with plastic key insert to adjust the neck. I did however add screw inserts and modified screws to attach the neck to the plastic body.
I will keep an eye on the tailpiece, it did seem a bit flimsley to me when stringing it up.
thanks ,