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Scott Tichenor
Jul-08-2004, 1:48pm
These pix should sum it all up. Josh just finished recording a piece with the legendary rock bank Orleans that will appear on the next Orleans release. Josh's dad Jeff is friends with some of the band members and they had a chance to hear Josh play recently and subsequently invited him to record with them.

Scott Tichenor
Jul-08-2004, 1:49pm
With Lance.

Jul-12-2004, 2:37pm
Wow I didn't even no that band was still around...they were great back in the day>>>http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Jul-12-2004, 2:37pm
how about "know" urgh....sorry to grammer freaks out there

Jul-12-2004, 4:19pm
It's actually grammAr, if you're going to get technical. ;)


Jul-12-2004, 6:10pm
...and, not to pick on you in particular, but why do people on this board post correction follow-up messages to their posts instead of just going back and editing them?

Jul-13-2004, 10:04am
Whenever I hear about Orleans, this WRONGLY comes to mind.