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Avi Ziv
Sep-12-2008, 4:47pm
It seems that the search engine does not like short keywords. So a search on "kit" yields

"The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : kit"

Although a search on "kit*" will get you "kit" and "kitchen"

Also - The Advanced search form does not give you an option of "Search any text" or "search all text" as you get, say, when you search the FAQ....
What operands can we use on search keywords?


Sep-12-2008, 4:58pm
You can use wild cards (*), you use AND. I haven't tried OR yet but I'm assuming all the usual Boolean stuff will work. I'm just getting used to the search functions and honestly if someone had problems before they'll have problems here as well. With that said it is fast and it does have more options. One suggestion I would make to anyone is that you search the titles only first when looking for anything. We are going to have some problems though. I just searched for IV AND Kit, titles only, yesterday and older and couldn't get anything as the phrases were too common. Adding Siminoff to the search got me a bunch of hits. This will take some getting used to.

Avi Ziv
Sep-12-2008, 5:10pm
It seems to me that by default it assumes an AND operation. OR works too from what I can see.

Looking for other short terms though, like "jig" is a problem (doesn't work) although "jig*" returns a pretty decent list, if you don't mind getting some "jiggle" in there :)

As you say - it will take some getting used to


Scott Tichenor
Sep-13-2008, 6:55am
When a single term is used, the search engine for this forum requires the length to be at least four letters. This setting is adjustable, but the smaller that setting, the more information to sort through and the less likely to find what you're looking for, and the more intensive the search function. I don't think the word 'kit' by itself is going to yield an effective search result without more descriptive information. Look at what Google thinks (http://www.google.com/search?q=kit) kit is. So, I guess the obvious is, what are you looking for? I'll readily admit to not knowing too much about the search function in depth, but I can certainly point you to vBulletin's technical support forums if you'd like to delve deeply into the matter.