View Full Version : Mac Audacity users - HELP!

Jul-08-2004, 12:59pm
Somehow Audacity got erased from my computer - version 1.2.0
so I downloaded it again but this time it's updated to version 1.2.1 - Now I'm having problems
When I press record the first time, it works, but if I try to play it back or record again after that, it does nothing.
The record button is pushed like it's recording but the cursor stays at 0 and just flashes. It will not record. Anyone have any idea why? I'm using an ibook G3. It worked perfect before, can't figure out the problem. I would appreciate ANY help.

Brian Ray
Jul-08-2004, 1:36pm
Hey Josh,

As a fellow Mac user, I'd love to help but I've never used Audacity. The problem your having could just be bugs in the version you have... hard to say. Try upgrading or finding a version of 1.2.0 and reinstalling.

Another solution would be to try Sound Studio (http://www.felttip.com/products/soundstudio/download.shtml). I have used this in the past and found it to be an excellent app...