View Full Version : Animated avatars?

Larry S Sherman
Sep-11-2008, 1:04pm
I was curious if the new board would allow animated avatars? I was under the impression that there was a technical issue with that on the old board?

I think it would be cool to see someone strumming their mando as an avatar.

Forgive me if there's some can o' worms behind this that I don't know about.

Thanks, Larry

Mandolin Cafe
Sep-11-2008, 1:12pm
Hi, Larry.

The software that drives this forum has the capability of turning animated avatars off and the board owner has opted for that setting.

Larry S Sherman
Sep-11-2008, 1:18pm
Okay...that's fine with me. Maybe it would get too busy looking with animated avatars.

Sep-11-2008, 1:52pm
Actually I think Scott turned off the automated avatar feature because it was too frightening to even consider what Jamie Stanek and Ted Eischelman would use as animated avatars :)

Jim Broyles
Sep-11-2008, 1:55pm
I'd be more afraid to look at a Biorkman animated avatar. :grin:

Sep-11-2008, 2:05pm
My son with Bubba Teeth winking might have been nice.


Mandolin Cafe
Sep-11-2008, 2:27pm
Boys, a reminder this is a support area. You'd be welcome to take the yuckstering to the General section.