View Full Version : Weirdness when changing password

Sep-11-2008, 10:10am
I reset my password successfully in order to log in to the new board, and I logged in successfully. Then I decided to change my randomly assigned password to something I could remember. I found the necessary page under "User CP" (what does CP stand for?) and went through the motions. After entering the old (randomly assigned) and new passwords and clicking OK (or something to that effect), I got a popup window asking me to verify which "user" I was changing the password for. The list of choices appeared to be the headlines from a number of classifieds I've placed in the past, although I can't be sure that's what it was. In any case, it wasn't list of user names, and it certainly didn't include my user name. I elected to hit cancel and leave my password alone for now. Thanks.

Jim Broyles
Sep-11-2008, 10:23am
Cryptic Place or Control Panel - your choice.

Mandolin Cafe
Sep-11-2008, 10:26am
Control Panel

The forum software is not tied to the Classifieds in any way. We're not sure what it is you saw as we've been unable to repeat that experience, but if you feel brave and want to try again, send that content to me privately.