View Full Version : Bass Mtn fest (a bit late)

Sep-11-2008, 6:18am
Just thought I'd share a mini-report:

Lost&Found - a staple at this festival, Scott Napier now sits in the mandolin chair, and does a fine job, indeed. Nobody (nobody) can ever replace Dempsey, but Scott is good. He even quoted D in several of his breaks, and picks on a Hutto, no less. And the band is so venerable, they just put on a good show.

LRB - Good show, the guitar man kind of leads the band and is a working musician, for sure. Andy on mando is very good and Sammy picks. Mike Anglin on elec. bass knows how to play. And they have fun on stage.

Blue Moon Rising - I had never heard of them, they were top flight. A small band, they switched off on instruments, and very much impressed me. A good blend of trad and new.

Mountain Heart - Sorry, did not dig them. Much movement on a crowded stage (2 guitars), their songs seemed to drag on and on, with much 'extended jamming'. They surely can pick, but there was little cohesion. And the 'soul' music they inject with the guitarist seems at odds with the other stuff they do. Aaron Ramsey is deft, but his lines sound borrowed (and safe) to me.

I was not there on Sunday when 3TO did a gospel set, did anybody catch that?