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Sep-11-2008, 2:01am
An update from the Young Dubliners

"Here is a list of our recently stolen property. As was mentioned in our earlier blog, the theft occured off of Lynwood Road in Barstow, CA on Friday, August 29th. There will be a reward for anything returned.
Our van is a Ford-Econoline Wagon E-350, license 7K44848,
Navy Blue with tinted windows, grey interior with custom captain's chairs throughout, approx. 108,000 MILES. Vin 1FBSS31S94HA73951
In it were the following:
Sirius Satellite radio system
Apple iBook G4 laptop, 15"
TOM TOM GPS Navigational system
Canon A510 Powershot digital camera
500 GB Western External Hard Drive
MUSIC EQUIPMENT STOLEN: perhaps one of you may come across something suspicious at a used music shop, pawn shop, yard sale, on Craigslist or Ebay, etc.
We're listing mostly large, big-ticket items that would stand out. If you are a musician or work in a music store, someone may try to sell some of this to you. Also if someone in the So Cal desert area tries to sell a bunch of accessories at once, such as guitar or microphone cable and effect pedals, or specialized items such as in-ear monitor ear buds, please let us know where and when you saw them.
Our stuff my still be in the high-desert area of So Cal, or some stuff may travel.
The list:
Pork Pie Drum Kit, black sparkle finish (22" bass drum, 12" and 16" toms, 2 snare drums , Yamaha and DW hardware, 1 case of 6 Paiste cymbals, 1 case of 3 Paiste cymbals)
Crest Audio XRM mixing console serial 51639189; this was housed in an SKB flight case, which may have been removed. This also housed our in-ear transmitters:
(2) Shure PSM 200 in-ear monitor systems
(2) Seinnheiser EW 300 in ear monitor systems
24 channel snake and 2 whirlwind stage boxes with snakes
(1) large blue tub with merchandise: 90 Young Dubliners CD's and approx. 72 Young Dubliners tee shirts
Godin A6 acoustic guitar, blue finish
Godin A6 acoustic guitar, black finish
Framus Panthera electric guitar, les paul style with dark sunburst finish
Framus Diablo electric guitar, telecaster style with humbucking pups and honeyburst finish
Vox AC30 Tb/6 guitar amp, 2x12 combo; this was housed in an Encore flight case (steciled with "Young Dub$" on it) which may have been removed.
Scholz Power Soak attenuator
Music Man Stingray bass, 70's model, worn dark-green finish w/ white pickguard
Warwick Thumb bass, dark walnut finish
Warwick Tubepath Bass amp, 1000 watt; this was housed in an Anvil-style flight case, which may have been removed.
Warwick 611 bass speaker cab, 6x10 model
Warwick 411 bass speaker cab, 4x10 model
Violin (hand made), natural finish, with chipped corner in black case
Violin (hand made), natural finish, in blue case, with 3 violin bows
Eastman Mandolin, dark walnut finish, in black case
Korg Triton Classic touch screen keyboard, 61-key model; this was in a black plastic SKB flight case which may have been removed
Roland Keyboard Amplifier, 1x12 model, black, with one or two missing knobs on the top control panel
Peavey wedge amplifier, 1x12 model, black, fair amount of wear and tear.
Roland JC-120 Guitar Amp; this was housed in an A&S Custom Flight Case which may have been removed
Lexicon MPX-R1 Midi Foot Pedal
Boss G3 Effects pedal
Sennheiser wireless instrument transmitter and Receiver
Digidesign original Mbox
Seagate 120MB fire wire external drive
That's it. There's many more little items, but this is the major stuff. Thank you and take care,
The Dubs"

Sep-11-2008, 9:27am
Oh man, that is terrible, I'm a long way from Barstow these days but I'll keep my eyes open and spread the word to my California and surrounding area people.