View Full Version : I had to reset my time zone preferences

Sep-10-2008, 2:35pm
It appears that the new forum software thought I was in London.

Has this happened to everyone, or am I special? < s >

Mandolin Cafe
Sep-10-2008, 2:38pm
Click User CP (upper left-hand corner), then Edit Options under Settings & Options. Near the bottom of the page you can set your preference for your location.

Sep-10-2008, 3:18pm
Yes, that's what I did.

My message was a reminder for other folk to adjust their time settings too if it had changed from the earlier forum.

Sep-10-2008, 11:21pm
Heck, my time zone has me at 2 hours this side of Tokyo! :))

Sep-11-2008, 3:21am
Hmm, I'll see if there is something non-disruptive I can do to fix that. Looks like I did that in the new software set-up, I probably told the message board it was in london instead of remembering I'm the exception to the rule here..

Sep-11-2008, 8:16am
I just thought that you had gone "ZULU" on purpose. I guess I'll re-set mine too.
I am getting used to the new look and, can see advantages and shortcomings too. There is always compromise.

Sep-12-2008, 12:03pm
OK, when we imported users, the defualt time zone was set to GMT. I've updated all the GMT users to US central. You can change with "user CP" link on top of every page and "options". Sorry to the couple folks in EUrope this'll break, but be aware you can get the cafe to tell you the correct time for your time zone now via your user control panel

Sep-12-2008, 12:04pm
It will break a bunch in the US too :)

Sep-12-2008, 12:13pm
well, 90% or so were set to GMT, which I know is wrong. SOme folks obviously already figured out how to change from that, so I left those alone. But if you were set to GMT in your control panel, you're now US central time. I suspect most folks never knew you could make the cafe tag posts in your own timezone.

Sep-12-2008, 12:14pm
Cool - I didn't know you could do that!!!! All this time, the forum has had me on US time!


Sep-12-2008, 12:39pm
I thought I'd selected eastern time here when I first set up but that might have been back in the beta.

Sep-12-2008, 12:46pm
Yes, I would have zapped that setting for sure. I reset it to scratch about a bazillion times :)

man dough nollij
Sep-12-2008, 3:34pm
It initially had me at UTC+16. Hmmm. UTC+12 is the international date line, so I'm way out in the future! Got it fixed.

Sep-12-2008, 4:30pm
As you get That close to the poles, the time zones all converge,
You could have a 3 room hut , one in each timezone.. ?