View Full Version : What did you do while the messageboard was down

Jonathan Peck
Sep-10-2008, 12:36pm
I joined and arts and crafts forum and had some lively discussions about pottery and basket weaving.....actually, I was pretty productive at work :redface:

first string
Sep-10-2008, 12:38pm
Yeah. It was a hard start to the week.

Sep-10-2008, 12:39pm
Hmm, while it was down I was making sure it was up

Sep-10-2008, 12:40pm
I didn't even realize that it was down, so Dan, you are a real hero. Great work.

John Flynn
Sep-10-2008, 12:42pm
Went through withdrawals! :crying:

Doug Hoople
Sep-10-2008, 12:42pm
Sat in a trance and stared at the ceiling until it came up again. :)

Jim Broyles
Sep-10-2008, 12:49pm
Kept clicking on my bookmark, knowing nothing new was going to be there but hoping nonetheless for something new.

Sep-10-2008, 12:56pm
Let's see.....last night I actually played my mandolin for two solid hours after a good workout at the gym. And this morning....I got three proposals done for clients. Now as for this afternoon....LOL

Sep-10-2008, 1:01pm
Drank continuously.

Darryl Wolfe
Sep-10-2008, 1:02pm
Spent more time on UMGF. They just upgraded last month also


John Rosett
Sep-10-2008, 1:12pm
I played my d*bro!

Ted Eschliman
Sep-10-2008, 1:21pm
With no threads to moderate, I had to get my kicks pulling the wings off of flies...

Jonathan Peck
Sep-10-2008, 1:25pm
Hey Ted,

What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk....sorry, couldn't help myself:))

Sep-10-2008, 1:55pm
Since I am new here, I just clicked around the Mandolin Cafe. Good stuff.

Sep-10-2008, 1:59pm
I sat and looked at pictures of the plumbing in Ted's house.

Ken Berner
Sep-10-2008, 2:05pm
Spent time on BanjoHangout and practiced my clawhammer chops!

Sep-10-2008, 2:53pm
...I fiddled! Guess a few folks here at the house are glad the Cafe is back up. :)

Sep-10-2008, 2:55pm

Elliot Luber
Sep-10-2008, 3:11pm
I annoyed my co-workers with too much email.

Tracy Tucker
Sep-10-2008, 3:46pm
Laid on the couch hoping the antibiotics would instantly kick this upper respiratory infection... no such luck! Had to cancel my mando lesson tonight. :crying:


El Rey del Mando
Sep-10-2008, 3:47pm
While the board was down,I found out how bad I am addictied to it.


Scott Tichenor
Sep-10-2008, 4:58pm
Worked my rear end off. :grin:

Susan H.
Sep-10-2008, 5:13pm
I walked around in a daze, thinking how long is this going to last? Glad it's back up!:grin:

Sep-10-2008, 5:18pm
I did what JBMando did. What was worse was I couldn't reset my password until I got home.


Sep-10-2008, 5:39pm
Hit "refresh" a lot.

Steve Cantrell
Sep-10-2008, 5:48pm
Same here...I'm like a horse headed for the barn when I get home. Straight to the PC to read the recent posts.

Jerry Byers
Sep-10-2008, 5:49pm
Was it down?

Randi Gormley
Sep-10-2008, 6:10pm
Spent more time on thesession.org where the discussions aren't as much fun

Dan Krhla
Sep-10-2008, 6:16pm
I cried.

A lot.

Sep-10-2008, 6:52pm
I stared at the homepage thinking "if I stare at it long enough then a new message will appear that says we can post again". I guess I missed the magic moment when that message appeared!

Tim Pike
Sep-10-2008, 7:52pm
Started smoking, went to racetrack...Glad it is back up and love the new style!

Jim Garber
Sep-10-2008, 7:57pm
I smelled all of my mandolins. Took me a day and a half. :))

Chip Booth
Sep-10-2008, 8:52pm
I noticed it was down only a few moments ago. Now it's not down, and things are better.

Ooh colors, and fonts... :grin:


Keith Erickson
Sep-10-2008, 9:00pm
Practiced my mandolin; read a few chapters of "State of Fear" and hung out on Facebook reconnecting with friends who I haven't seen for 20 years. :)

Sep-10-2008, 9:13pm
Discovered I visit the mandolincafe more than I thought and wondered if searches for mandolins spiked during that time, or if other sites like jazzmando.com or mandozine.com saw increased traffic.

Chris Biorkman
Sep-10-2008, 9:42pm
Wept uncontrollably.

Sep-10-2008, 10:30pm
I had such bad withdrawls that I joined a mountain bike forum and felt dirty, like I was cheating. Thank God the board is back up it was a rough two days for me. It's just part of my day to look at the board frequently even if there's nothing going on. Thanks Scott, I'm grounded again but the new look is making me feel like I'm cheating again.

Sep-10-2008, 10:41pm
After the initial panic I realized the classifieds were still kicking, so I went through those. Then, there was a message up telling us we'd have to reset our passwords...SO, I went through the classifieds again hoping yet another new message would be up when I finished...after about the third cycle I realized my hopes were futile. So, I went over to emando and checked up on the artist list for a while, then went to jazzmando and read an article about theory that was very good but that lost me about 6 words in (ahh, I keep trying). Then, I checked the Cafe again...alas, same message.

By then my panic had turned to faith that Scott, Dan, Ted, et. al would come through, so all was well.

Fortunately work's been busy this week, so the withdrawal's been kept to a minimum...

Thanks again for all the hard work, guys!

Sep-10-2008, 11:16pm
I took a nice, long, hot, Bath. :grin:

Sep-10-2008, 11:23pm
I actually listened to the voices in Mandroid's head.

Sep-10-2008, 11:39pm
Finished six mandolins!

Ken Olmstead
Sep-11-2008, 12:09am
I watched Office Space. So Scott if you could get the board up and running again, that would be greaat. mmmm Yeah, we need you to work Saturday, so just show up at at the normal time...that would be terrific. Thaaanks! :)

Sep-11-2008, 3:09am
I watched Office Space. So Scott if you could get the board up and running again, that would be greaat. mmmm Yeah, we need you to work Saturday, so just show up at at the normal time...that would be terrific. Thaaanks! :)

Have you noticed that this new message board has far more pieces of flair than the previous one?

Sep-11-2008, 3:27am
All the things I was supposed to be doing (for a change).

Sep-11-2008, 8:10am
I had the flu. I ate toast, crackers and applesauce for several days - lost a few pounds though. I even saw a couple of movies I hadn't seen in awhile. Hitchcocks "Lifeboat" and "Paths of Glory" by Stanley Kubrick. The computer was the last thing on my mind.

Ken Olmstead
Sep-11-2008, 8:21am
Have you noticed that this new message board has far more pieces of flair than the previous one?

Dan - I am happy to see that this new board has 37 pieces of flair and not just the minimum 15! :))

Seriously, a huge thanks to both you and Scott and anyone else involved in the conversion! The new board is sweet! :mandosmiley:

Sep-11-2008, 8:41am
Three words "Honey Dew List"

Sep-11-2008, 9:31am
I actually "worked", at work!!!

Sep-11-2008, 10:03am
i went to the Caf'e front page and signed up for that sweet Eastman 815.
Other than that i've mentally blocked it out.

Thanks again Scott and the others that make "it" happen.



Sep-11-2008, 10:06am
I moped around the shack, kicked the dog, screamed at the paper boy, changed the oil in my Jeep, and paced the floors.

Sep-11-2008, 10:19am
I smelled all of my mandolins. Took me a day and a half. :))


Martin Jonas
Sep-11-2008, 10:45am
Took me a while to figure out it was back up -- my bookmark was set to mandolincafe.net (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi), which is still alive, but now has a permanently frozen version of the old forum, which I kept looking at long after the new one became alive.

Very swish, the new forum, and it was a nice and painless migration. My only slight reservation is with the amount of grayspace at the margins -- it feels like we have rather less screen real estate for our posts compared to the old forum.


Sep-11-2008, 11:01am
finally got around to changing strings, and bought a new guitar (though the mando is still my first love).

Sep-11-2008, 11:01am
I started restringing our Associations 85 mandolins ready for our next round of school mando workshops.... aaaargh (anyone want a job!)

Sep-11-2008, 1:10pm
I'd need at least 85 bandaids for that job.

Sep-11-2008, 2:27pm
it was down?

Sep-11-2008, 3:35pm
I cleaned up after Gustav.

Mike Bromley
Sep-11-2008, 9:29pm
I moped in a sterile hotel room in the UK while it poured rain and danked fog, longing for my main axe a quarter of a globe away....and fretting over the balky internet connection.

Sep-11-2008, 11:10pm
Watched about 150 YouTube videos of Julianne Trevisol as the "mutante" Gor in the Brazilian TV series Caminhos do Coração. And I don't speak Portuguese.

Here's a link:

Sometimes you just get fascinated...

Bertram Henze
Sep-12-2008, 7:19am
... And I don't speak Portuguese.

"caminhos do coracao" means "Paths of the Heart", I guess - interesting that Brazil seems to have TV series now, instead of 30% silly game shows and 70% football they had when I was there. I had watched TV there anyway out of boredom - the exact feeling you get without the Cafe...

This time, however, was different... lots of troubles with my two ancient cars, that kept me busy. And work at work, of course.


Sep-12-2008, 10:08am
I cleaned my large day gecko vivarium, and worked on Heart of the Heartland and Goldrush.

Sep-12-2008, 10:14am
Finished six mandolins!

Ding! The hands-down winner - most productive.

Sep-12-2008, 2:45pm
I was busy trapping flies for Ted.........

Mark Walker
Sep-12-2008, 4:02pm
Like several others, I also reluctantly immersed myself in my normal 'work accountabilities!' :disbelief:

John Ritchhart
Sep-12-2008, 4:08pm
Updated my resume. :popcorn: