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Ira Chavis
Sep-04-2008, 10:23am
Wonder if anyone can answer this question for me.

I've got a music collection by "Pietro Fouchetti"...i think its a Hofmeister edition...6 serenades and sontatas.

Im at the beach this week and i've been reading paul sparks / james tyler book "The Early Mandolin" # There are several references to Giovanni Fouchetti ... in the book it talks about the mandolin method he wrote in the 18th century. #While he favored the mandolino, he wrote 6 serenades and sonatas for the mandoline as part of that method.

No where can i find refrences to "Pietro Fouchetti" on the net...lots for Giovanni

Oddly, according #to the book, #there is a parisan named "Pietro Denis" who wrote mandoline music and published methods about the same time.

So i am wondering if Pietro Fouchetti is some product of Giovanni Fouchetti and Pietro Denis or there really was a pietro fouchetti?

any mandolin historians out there who can help?

thanks, Ira

Sep-04-2008, 4:18pm
No, there is no Pietro Fouchetti (Pierre Fouquet was an organist) just as there is no Pietro Leone (he was a cembalo player) but just a Jean Fouquet (Giovanni Fouchetti) pupil at Lyons of Gabriele Leone, both of them have written mandolin methods (see facsimile at Minkoff) and some sonatas or duos for mandolin... Fouquet did not favor the mandolino, he just says that there are two types.

By the way he names what is called in english mandolino "mandolin" (nazalized "i") in french which sounds near to italian "mandola", making a difference from the neapolitan mandolin (which is of course "mandoline" which in french sounds near to english "mandolin" or italian "mandolino"), I hope everyone will understand !!!

And Pierre Denis (Pietro Denis) had leant mandolin from Giuliano in Napoli and was a competitor (not so good !) of Leone who was spotting about him...

Ira Chavis
Sep-05-2008, 7:33am
Not sure i follow your reasoning here?

All im saying is Hofmeister publishes an set of 6 serenades and 6 sonatas from someone named Pietro Fouchetti. It is for 2 mandolins. You can search all over the internet and find that available for purchase.

In reading sparks book he talks about Giovanni Fouchetti writing a mandoline method which has 6 serenades and 6 six sonatas for 2 mandolines also.

It is clear that there is probally no Pietro Fouchetti and perhaps Hofmeister is really selling Giovanni's 6 serenades and 6 sonatas under the wrong name? Or is what
Hofmeister selling some one elses work?

thanks for any clarification. Ira

Sep-05-2008, 4:19pm
The 6 serenades and 6 sonatas edited by Hoffmeister were written by Giovanni

What I intended to say is that several musicologists and publishers (especially german, but also french and italian !) made big mistakes in publishing mandolin music : false names (Pietro Leone for Gabriele Leone, for instance), false bass instruments (errors in music understanding), change of music (no "Urtext" edition, even the melodic line or the variations were changed)... By lack of knowledge (few people know the relationships between Leone, Fouquet, Denis and Gervasio, who all published mandolin methods in Paris, because VERY few people made REAL research in Paris), lack of research and sometimes by steeling research of other people... I will not reveal here several well-established names !

Ira Chavis
Sep-05-2008, 9:09pm
Pietro, thank you...that is what i was trying to figure out! ciao. Ira