View Full Version : Oval Hole vs F-Holes ?

Jul-07-2004, 1:24pm
I'm planning to have an arched-top Octave Mandolin (23" scale) built in a very near future, based on the Breedlove Orca design and I'm wondering about F-holes vs an Oval hole ? I've been playing a F-Holes mandolin for 20 years and wouldn't imagine playing an oval hole mandolin but since I will use the Octave mostly for rythm while singing and also for some solos, in the Tim O'Brien style of music, I'm taking the oval hole direction but any advice would be welcome ! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Jul-20-2004, 3:55pm
I have only played an oval hole, weber hylite, that ilike a lot. I am geting ready to build an f hole arch top with a guitar style body. I hope some others chip in with some comments. You might contact Bill Bussman as I believe he builds both types.

Pete Martin
Jul-21-2004, 12:37am
I prefer the oval hole sound as it is more open and ringy. However I see lots of f hole octaves.

steve V. johnson
Jul-21-2004, 9:03pm
I've played a whole lot more ovals than f-holes, mainly because I've been around Irish-style OMs and 'zouks.

But I did play two Weber Gallatins in Chicago in one weekend. I liked the sound a lot. The ... um... harder or tighter sound of f-holes added a really nice element.

I am saving up for a Weber F-style OM some day, and I think it will have f-holes...