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Sep-01-2008, 2:00pm
--- I'm forwarding this message from the Young Dubliners blog. Keep an eye out! ---

We had our van and Uhaul trailer stolen from the parking lot of our motel in Barstow, California on the morning of Friday, August 29th.

We were overnighting at the Days Inn just off Lynwood Road by I-15; we arrived at 1:15AM, and discovered our vehicle stolen at 10:30AM.

The Barstow Police have recovered the Uhaul trailer 20 minutes south of the Days Inn; it was empty. In it was all of our band's music gear - guitars, basses, violins & mandolins, drums, keyboards, many amplifiers, various music accessories like cables, microphones, and stands, a mixing console, cases, and merchandise (Young Dubliners CD's and concert shirts).

Our Ford E-350 van is still missing. It is a 15 passenger model, navy blue w/ tinted windows, and the interior has custom captain's chairs instead of bench seating. The plates are 7K44848.

We are asking people in the area for any help in recovering our van and gear. If you see a navy blue Ford E-350 van please check the plates for a match. Please be wary of any music gear someone may be selling or trading. Stolen music gear often winds up in pawn shops both near and far from the crime scene.

We have lists of what gear we lost available for reference.

We have reported the theft and all contents with the Barstow Police Department; their phone number is (760) 255-5111. If you have any information which may help locate our property, please contact the Barstow Police and us here or at dubs@youngdubs.com.

Thank You

Sep-01-2008, 11:52pm
Sorry to hear about this -- what a terrible event!

The Cafe classifieds have a "Instruments Stolen" section, and you might want to post at least the acoustic instruments there.

Bernie Daniel
Sep-02-2008, 5:54am
It is sickening to hear things like that esp. we know how hard it is for folk bands just to be out on the road in the first place. Hope you guys had insurance on the equipment.

I had a thought.

Would it be feasible for the various music enthusists web orgs like the Mandolin Cafe, Banjo Hangout, etc.others --including insturment sellers like the Mandolin Store, Mandolin World, and Greg Boyds etc. to have some kind of lost insturments linkage that would allow coordination of this kind of information in kind of national pickers lost and found? #

Might be more work than its worth though?