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Jul-05-2004, 5:54pm
I have found something cool & thought I'd share it. I've been looking for a way to transcribe bass clef into treble so as to be able to play it on mandolin. Particularly useful when trying to sweet-talk my teacher into the 2-part inventions, since neither of us reads bass clef quickly or well. There's a free program called "Finale Notepad" available for download. It's drag-and-drop & simple enough even I can use it. I'm not tab-enabled & this has been the answer to my prayers!! Maybe someone out there might find it useful.

Jim Garber
Jul-05-2004, 6:39pm
Notepad is the intro program to get you into their more powerful ones. I have Finale and just started to really learn the basics. No need to get that one if you just want to transpose tho. Also you can do the same, I believe in abc notation (http://staffweb.cms.gre.ac.uk/~c.walshaw/abc/).


Plamen Ivanov
Jul-06-2004, 12:53am

I use Capella software. I have only the note-typing program, but there are also other programs, which could make whatever you want. My version is in German, but I think it`s also available in English.

Good luck!