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John Bertotti
Jul-05-2004, 11:31am
Been thinking of what instrument would be a good companion instrument with my Vega mandolin (bowlback). Was thinking of a guitar but now am curious about a bouzoukis. I prefer learning, Italian, Greek, Mediterranean music. Would this be an appropriate path to pursue? Thanks John

Jul-05-2004, 2:02pm
Since no one else has replied I'll throw my two cents in. A four-course zook would be a good choice. The traditional Greek four-course tuning is CFAD (like the top four courses of a guitar a whole step down), but you'd probably be better off with the more mandolike GDAD. If you find that's still not mandolike enough you could always go to GDAE (octave mandolin tuning).

John Bertotti
Jul-05-2004, 7:11pm
Thanks Peter, this question has bombed in two sections. I have a question, are zouks double coursed like a mando or four individual strings? Also if you were going to go to a om tuning why not buy an om instead? Is the sound that different?I have actually heard the instrument that I think would be great but have no clue what it is. It had a bowl back and a long neck. Fairly vague I suppose, it was quite a distinctive sound. Almost brighter than my Vega in the treble on fuller in the bass end.
thanks John

Jul-05-2004, 8:29pm
Zouks have double courses. A long neck and a bowl... that sure sounds like a Greek bouzouki. Those generally have a scale length around 24", about halfway inbetween the typical Irish zouk and the typical flatback OM. Sounds to me like you should look into Greek bouzoukis more closely... Victor's probably the best person 'round these parts to recommend makers and sellers.

There's been a few discussions on Greek zouks in the classical section - you may want to dig those up. That's generally the best place to get answers about Mediterranean music or instruments with bowls.

John Bertotti
Jul-05-2004, 8:38pm
Thanks Peter, I check them out. John