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Feb-05-2004, 3:21pm
Before I came into this forum, I noticed a link to Brentrup Mandolins. Interest was peaked at the time so I checked the website out. These look like they are beautiful mandolins. Does anyone know anything about these mandolins??? Thanks in advance.

Jonathan James
Feb-05-2004, 3:36pm
I'd do a topic search. There have been MANY threads about Brentrup mandolins, virtually all glowing in terms of praise for these fine instruments....

Feb-05-2004, 3:38pm
Searching the message borad for "brentrup" should turn up a number of posts related to this brand. The folks who own one (and some own more than one) consider them among the best mandolins being made today.

Feb-05-2004, 3:40pm
You can probably search the archives for pictures and comments from those who own them. But the quick answer is that they're top-grade, meticulously handcrafted, fairly high dollar instruments (6 - 10k range depending on model) which garner high praise from many regulars on the board. Wait list time is between 18 months and 2 years, and a deposit is required when placing an order. I doubt that you will hear anything but positive things about his instruments.

Bill James
Feb-05-2004, 3:45pm
Hans makes an incredible mandolin. I think they rival anything on the planet, but then I'm just a little biased. I'm lucky enough to own two, a 23F Red Spruce and an L21V Italian. The search is over for me. If you could get one in your hands to play, my bet says you'll be off the market for good.

Let the accolades roll in!

Feb-05-2004, 4:30pm
Hans is making an "A" style for me. The wait is 6-7 months and the cost $3600. The construction is completed and he will be starting the finishing work. i choose a Brentrup due to the great reviews and comments made by folks on the message board.He has been a real pleasure to work with and he keeps you informed as to the progress.

Jim M.
Feb-05-2004, 4:32pm
I own an oval-hole A from Hans (his prototype) and it's everything I want in an oval-hole mando. Hans if definitely worth checking out if you're looking in that price range.

Feb-05-2004, 6:35pm
Hans Brentrup....hmm that does sound familiar. Without doubt one of the fine builders and still a great value for the money. Very distinctive tone w/old world quality. Wish i owned one or two.....

Rich Michaud
Feb-05-2004, 6:45pm
I have one on order from Hans based on what I learned on this website for starters. I echo the praise of others here. He is also a great guy to deal with.

Feb-05-2004, 8:13pm
I stand corrected... his A styles are less expensive than I remembered, and the wait is shorter than for the F's.

Congratulations to all who have one... I'm also on the list, right behind Richard. The mando tasting CD was enough to push me over the edge and get on the list... Christmas 2004 will be a good one, I hope.

Feb-06-2004, 12:25am
I received my M21V prototype from Hans on the 20th of last month. The tone continues to develop beautifully; an exceptionally articulate instrument, with a very full and rich tone. Easily one of the finest mandolins I've EVER played, and I am elated to have it!

To those that advised me to order a Brentrup, I thank you, and to those on the waiting list: congratulations, and I believe you will be very pleased with your decision.

Feb-06-2004, 4:51pm
I did lots of research and spoke to or corresponded to many players before making my mind up on a Brentrup.
What I heard from everyone was that Hans' mandolins had meticulous workmanship, wonderful sound and playability and that Hans is a prince to work with.
I got on his waitlist in 2002 and he'll be starting on my mandolin this Spring.
Hans encouraged me to come try out to his shop and try various necks, test the sound of different topwoods, and pick out the wood from his stockpile.
I'm flying to Minneapolis the end of March and Hans offered the hospitality of his home and is coming out to the airport to meet me.
In the various conversations we've had, I don't think I've ever spoken to a better gentleman. He takes the time to talk with you, even as busy as he is in his shop.
He hasn't even started working on my instrument, and has already exceeded expectations.

Feb-06-2004, 5:11pm
i ordered an A style mandolin from hans last spring at the urging of another cafe member. i have to say the experience was incredible and when i got the mandolin it knocked my socks off. i took it to a friend of mine who owns a very well known acoustic instrument shop and i literally had to take it away from him so that i could go home. i was so impressed that when hans had a blackface A for sale i bought that too. last fall when hans told me that he had made a loar style A i ordered one and it should be ready sometime around april.

hans brentrup's mandolins never disappoint. they astound!

Eric F.
Feb-07-2004, 12:41am
Umm, Mandobar? THREE Brentrups? Even Ellen only has two. ...

Feb-07-2004, 8:19am
believe me, i am not the only one with three of hans' mandolins. check the other brentrup threads.

why own 3 mandolins from different makers if they are not what you want?

Feb-07-2004, 9:06am
I think I was the charter member of the three Brentrup club. I keep one in Get Up John tuning.

2001 Red Spruce 23L
2002 Red Spruce 23
2003 Italian Spruce 23V

Feb-07-2004, 10:15am
You might try going here. Its a page with all the Brentrup posts on Commando:
http://listserv.nodak.edu/scripts....ry+2004 (http://listserv.nodak.edu/scripts/wa.exe?S2=comando&q=Brentrup&s=Brentrup&f=&a=June+1995&b=February+2004)

Also, here is a cut and paste review from Commando of one of Hans' instruments:

"CoMando Tim Little and I swapped mandos for a week and I have had custody of his Brentrup Model 23V since last Sunday. I wanted to do a little review and Tim has given me his blessing to do so. This mando was delivered to Tim in October. Based on this one and several others that Hans brought with him, I put in an order for a red spruce model. Tim's is Italian spruce. The mando has very playable action and is quite loud. The tone is melodic, with a lot of sustain. It is even across the strings. It compares very favorably with my 1975 Givens F, which is louder and woodier but not as sweet in tone. For a six-month old mando, it has excellent tone. A lot of the new ones, even from the name makers seem tight to me at first. This one is not.

Although I love the playability and tone of Hans' mandos, it is the beauty of his stuff that really grabs me. A beautiful varnish finish. This one has dark tortoise binding with a thin white stipe. The mando is fully bound. The dark tortoise binding really sets the mando off. The color is also different. A reddish brown with orangy tinges. A very subtle sunburst effect. Hans uses a pickguard attached to the neck which is half way between the little Monteleone style and the big Gibson style. It appears to be Maccassar ebony and is unfinished, which feels and looks very good. If you want a Loar clone in looks, this mando would not be for you. I think that Hans' mandos have a very unique look, which I find to be extraordinarily beautiful. The fretboard is scalloped and the scallop is continued on down into the pickguard, a very nice little effect. The tailpiece is Gibson standard, as is the bridge.

My only change would be to replace the while plastic buttons on the Schaller tuners. This mando absolutely cries out for ebony buttons. Black pearl would look great too if you could find it.

This is a high dollar, high quality mando. I think that Brentrup mandolins are right up there with the big name makers' mandos. IMHO. Now, Tim, what did you think of my Givens?"

Feb-09-2004, 12:32pm
"Hi, My name is elen and I am a Brentrup 'Ho. Since our last meeting I have not ordered any new ones, and I am holding at 2 A models. My doctor says that I am making progress, and as long as I stay on enough medication to prevent me from writing any deposit checks, I should be fine."

There is no better mandolin being made, period, full stop (in my humble opinion, of course.) http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Feb-09-2004, 4:52pm
To throw my two cents in with Elen, I don't think you can get a better mandolin. Or work with a nicer person http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif