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Martin Jonas
Jul-08-2008, 8:41am
No idea what's a reasonable market value for these critters, but here (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180262465046)'s a National Triolian resonator tenor guitar with a BIN of $1600.

Dan B is playing a lot of reso tenor, and having heard him do it they are a great alternative instrument for Irish sessions.


Jul-08-2008, 4:21pm
Triolian tenor guitar at Denver Folklore Center for $1.7K here. (http://www.denverfolklore.com/instrument_photos/National_Triolian_Tenor_guitar_photos.htm)

Style 0 plectrum with new Joel Eckhaus neck at Vintage Instruments for $1750 here. (http://www.vintageinstruments.com/photos/inst30/natplecoful.jpg)

Triolian tenor at Rothman's Guitars for $1.7K here. (http://www.rothguitar.com/)

Buy It Now is right at the market price point, it seems. #I had a Triolian plectrum that had been spray-painted black, paid around $800 for it 15 years ago, traded it on the Gibson Army-Navy Custom 'cause I never played it. #The eBay guitar looks to be in good shape, and apparently has had a neck re-set and truss rod installation -- National's tendency to use less-than-well-seasoned wood in their necks is notorious,* and many have warped (my Style 0 six-string, e.g.).

*Later: want to emphasize that this comment applies to the old National, National Dobro, and Valco guitars, not to those made by the new National Reso-Phonic Co. in CA. #Everything of theirs that I've seen has exhibited excellent materials and workmanship.

Jul-08-2008, 7:27pm
My Triolian tenor cost me $370 on eBay about 10 years ago and has always played like a dream. It's looking more and more like the best deal I ever got.