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Feb-05-2004, 12:40pm
I am looking for a song that I believe was recorded by the Country Gazette: First Time Georgia Left Me.

I did a Google Seach for it and all the Country Gazette albums, but could not find it anywhere. #Anybody know where I can get a recording?

Also would love to get the chords if anybody has those.


Joe Parker
Feb-05-2004, 5:16pm
I think the song you're looking for is simply entitled,'Georgia',written by John Hadley,from their 1981 LP,"American and Clean".Great album by the way,with guest Sam Bush,playing fiddle on several cuts.The album is on Flying Fish records #FF253,probably out of print,and as far as I know is not on any compilation or greatest hits albums.I own the vinyl but I don't have any way to burn a cd from the record.Maybe someone here can help.Good luck!

Joe Parker