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Greg Stec
Jun-29-2008, 6:59pm
Posting for general information.
They are not mine, no interest, don't know the seller or the owners, usual caveats apply.

Martin TG

La Scala (1930's Oscar Schmdt) TG

Martin Jonas
Jun-29-2008, 7:16pm
There are in fact two of those La Scalas for sale at the moment, the other one being on Ebay here (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280239435893). They look pretty identical, but one is in California and the other in New Jersey. As the photos are different, I guess they are really two different but similar instruments, rather than one ripping off the photos of the other. 21" seems a rather short scale -- they are pretty much baritone uke size instruments.


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Jun-29-2008, 8:49pm
It looks like it copied and didn't move.

Jim Broyles
Jun-29-2008, 8:58pm
Yeah, it moved. When you click on the link in TG, you get this thread with the path:
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Jun-29-2008, 9:03pm
OK, when I posted it was still in the other section. I must have been in before it actually went.

Jun-29-2008, 9:04pm
It's still showing up in both places, posting shows up in both sections at the same time. That's searching under New Posts.

Jim Broyles
Jun-29-2008, 9:33pm
Never Mind! Seriously, I thought I'd help, but I'd better leave the board admin stuff to you guys!